Prenatal Power Flow

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This prenatal yoga class is designed as an alternative to the normal, slower prenatal classes that are out there. It's for moms who have a strong yoga practice and have not lost that strength or stamina in the first trimester of their pregnancy. The poses are modified for a pregnant body so a mom to be can flow without worrying if the pose is on the "allowed" list.
Music provided by Jami Sieber

Equipment: Block, Bolster
Style: Postnatal Yoga


Accepting change
shalestone 4 years ago

Four days ago, I found out that I'm pregnant. I thought I was ready for motherhood, but when the second line showed up, I didn't feel anything besides shock. I feel like I had barely begun to process this change when today brought a total meltdown of regret (cue the hormone-induced, out-of-character bawling).

I turned to my mat and found your class as a distraction to stop the tears. I couldn't even touch my belly at the beginning of the class, and there were a few more tears the first time I "rocked my baby." But by the end of the hour, I felt calm, strong, and connected, like I truly am (though sometimes I forget). And I even felt strong enough to verbally say "hello" to the little twinging feeling in my lower abdomen.

What if taking care of myself also takes care of my baby? What if being myself also teaches my baby how to be themselves? What if parenthood isn't an either/or situation? What if I don't disappear, but just change, like I do every day anyway?

Thank you so, so much for sharing this sweet and lovely class. Baby and I plan to return to it over the next 9 months. <3

thank you!
calliope753 4 years ago

I'm in my 3rd trimester and think this video is great! I searched everywhere for something like it earlier this pregnancy and during my previous pregnancy, and I'm thrilled to find a prenatal flow that is intermediate-level. Thank you and wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

Thank you Fiji!!!!
yogadoc 4 years ago

Bravo, Fiji! Just perfect for mamas who had a strong practice before, but need to modify for pregnancy. Helped me feel challenged, nurtured, and avoided the usual dizziness I get with regular power classes. Lovely cues and I appreciated the cues to connect with baby as well. Thank you for this beautiful work.

Difficulty Level Changed
David Procyshyn 4 years ago

I appreciate the feedback, everyone. I've changed the difficulty level to Intermediate.

Take care,

David Founder

You are correct it is not a beginners class!
Fiji McAlpine 4 years ago

Hello all you wonderful mamas and mamas to be! I am sorry I did not notice this sooner, now that my baby is on the outside my online communications often slip my mind! There was a mistake made in labeling this class and we are working now to correct it, this was intended to be an intermediate class and I will explain why. Many of my students, in person and online, approached me about being frustrated with the prenatal classes they were being directed to once they found out they were pregnant. There was a call for classes that were designed for students with a strong practice who did not want to give that up during pregnancy but still wanted to know they were practicing poses that were safe for the baby. This class was designed for that in mind. I did a series of three classes for the three stages of pregnancy and they get less intense as you go along. I apologize for the frustration and confusion about this class, it is very important during pregnancy that you chose a practice that suits your current level of fitness and ability.


Hi Fiji
Daniela82 7 months ago

Hi Fiji

Firstly, I would love to thank you for all your amazing classes! I have started doing yoga last November, as my body was feeling really broken and out of shape after having my daughter 2 years ago! I was quickly able to learn the basis and I moved to intermediate classes (some of which I still find quite challenging!). I have now found out that I am pregnant again and though I am happy, I have been feeling a bit beaten about having to give up the more challenging classes. I guess I wanted to ask you whether it is still possible for me to carry on with practising power yoga and maybe modify the classes as you did with this one? Thank you so much for all that you do

Not a beginners!
absnthfairy 4 years ago

I havent done yoga since I gave birth to my first baby and now 19 weeks pregnant with my second. I have been trying to get some yoga in and wanted to try this video. Definitely NOT a beginners video. And she goes so quickly that I couldnt keep up since I had to keep looking up to see what she was doing before realizing she had already moved on two or three times. Too quick and difficult for beginners.

Great class!
JenT 4 years ago

Thank you Fiji for a prenatal class that can be as challenging as we would like to make it. I find most prenatal classes are too gentle for those of us who have a good strength base and modifying non-prenatal classes can be tricky if you aren't sure which movements to avoid. A lovely flow throughout a class that's perfect for active moms-to-be!

Good for intermediates
Ema D 4 years ago

I agree with other statements that this is not a beginner's class. That being said, I've been out of regular practice for a few years and I was still able to keep up (mostly) and make it all the way through. It's a great mix of all the strengths you'll need during and after pregnancy. Hope I can keep it up!

Pretty strong class
vasodebarro 4 years ago

I have trained with Fiji's classes for almost 2 years, I am 14 weeks pregnant and tried this class twice. Personally I dont think is a class for beginners, it seems more a class for those that had a regular intermediate practice and want to keep their strength through pregnancy. I have so far being able to do 40 min ; )