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Michelle Rubin
Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
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The gentle hatha yoga class brings energy into the body, strength and flexibility into the spine and is great for bone density. It's one of our great 'yoga quickies', for those times when you only have 10 or 15 minutes to spare.


Nice class, but it ended
LLove 7 months ago

Nice class, but it ended abruptly.

IngridFR 2 years ago

This was my first yoga class ever. I liked it but was a bit concerned about the pressure on my knees while doing the circles, because I have had a couple of bad falls on my knees in the last 2 years. Any suggestions? Still, I feel energized after finishing. Thank you!

Pressure on the knees
David Procyshyn 2 years ago

You can place padding under your knees to soften the pressure. A folded blanket would work best.

Helpful Tho Rigorous & Fast
MayaDeva 2 years ago

Thanks, this was a nice short length of about 10 min. It felt rigorous, strengthening and fast paced - a bit more than I wanted for a "gentle" class. Being imaged of an angry kitty repeatedly feels kind of distracting. Plus I was surprised by the ending too. Anyhow, thanks for offering this, is got my cardio going. The clear description of how to use the breath and how to distribute weight on the hands and palms was very helpful.

I love that this is quick and
hartmr 2 years ago

I love that this is quick and has a lot of stretches to get the blood flowing. Great morning routine when you are in a hurry!

Thank YOU!
Anja 2 years ago

Feeling better after work day on an chair!

I have recurring back pain. I

I have recurring back pain. I completed this workout without pain. I enjoyed. I agree with previous comments on abrupt end and a little chatty. Look forward to trying some other workouts.

abrupt ending
ccaldwell 3 years ago

This video seems to come to a premature abrupt ending. The instructor says: "come onto your knees" with an upward lilt to the voice. There are not any final stretches, or breathing coming out of this lesson.

My back feels great!
OdeToEmma 3 years ago

I love that this this video is quick and that I was able to work my arms and back in a gentle manner. As I'm slowly working through the beginner videos, this was the first video that I completed which left my arms feeling like they had a little workout. A great way to start or end the day.

a l i s s a 4 years ago

Just what I needed for today. a small, quick, powerful yoga. They were small movements but were still effective. Thanks for the practice; this was a great energy booster!