Practicing Self-Care

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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This is the first video in our Values-Based Education (VbE) series. To learn more about VbE, click here.

This quick class with Ron is designed to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system through slow breath and simple stretches of the neck and torso, reducing stress and anxiety while increasing awareness of calm and rested. Note: A chair or bolster is optional for this practice.

Equipment: Bolster, Chair
Style: Hatha Yoga, Values-based Education


SABurgess 55 minutes ago

Sweet class - very centering and great way to cast of the day. Thank you Ron!

AlidaMB 2 weeks ago

I love this one. Ron is very jolly and relaxing - great voice

ValOverton 1 month ago

Really enjoyed this. It was helpful to have a calming practice that was shorter for busy days. I loved the eye movements. Really helpful for me as I am on screen all day long focusing centrally for such a large portion of the day.

AlidaMB 1 month ago

I really enjoyed this. Quite different and very relaxing = thank you Ron.

Yoga deb 1 month ago

Great class. I’m curious as to why we turn our eyes to the side when doing the neck stretches. Does this give an extra twist?

cleyreloup@iclo... 1 month ago

I loved the 3 claps down for the heart centre! I do somatic experiencing and thought this very useful Ron. Id like a longer class please! Your yoga classes I do orientate as you so wonderfully focus on those aspects, so this was great! Thanks so much! Im in my mid 50's and have had stress, for too long, so your classes really orientate me, I have a lot to thank you for! Especially not being able to go to yoga classes due to the lock down. From now on -yoga at home with a cup of tea!

AlidaMB 2 weeks ago

I'd like a slightly longer class from Ron, too. he is such a blessing