Postnatal Flow

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Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga
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Class Description: 

The second of Fiji's Postnatal classes is a bit more challenging than 'Back to the Mat'. This class takes you, as a new mom, through a flow that will bring you back to the level of fitness, strength and flexibility you were used to before having a baby.


Thank for helping me find my
hgolaw 7 months ago

Thank for helping me find my confidence and reconnect to my practice. This class was a good pace for me as I try to reestablish my flow. Fiji, I appreciate this class and will revisit.

I wasn't pre or post-natal
Joloulu 9 months ago

I wasn't pre or post-natal but feeling rather delicate with sore muscle after some new intense training and this class was perfect for me.

Nuriblaqui 1 year ago

Thanks very much Fiji. I have practised with your videos during my pregnancy and now I'm starting with your post natal. Those classes helped me to avoid any pain during pregnancy and now is really helping me to easy my back pain. Fantastic!!

I love the way you truly
Dojo 1 year ago

I love the way you truly honour the changes in a post-natal body.

This is a really great video!
syates 1 year ago

This is a really great video! Thank you for sharing! This video is very helpful!

This is a great class. My
harrietbuxton 1 year ago

This is a great class. My body finally feels like it's getting back to how it was pre-pregnancy. Thanks Fiji!

I have only dabbled in yoga
nursemo 1 year ago

I have only dabbled in yoga before baby. But I was pleasantly surprised this class was beginner yet challenging. I liked how Fiji gave explanations of poses especially with timing for breathing because this is such a focused now with pelvic floor rehab. I'll be doing this one regularly.

Thank you
frashad.zayn 1 year ago

It is taking me longer to heal from having my second child, yet this practice is slowly helping me gain my strength back. I love Fiji!

Suitable for non-new mums?
Isabelle 2 years ago

Please think of us poor non-mums who have been deprived of new Fiji classes for the longest time!