Playing with Energy

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
Average: 4.7 (74 votes)
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In this gentle intermediate, movement-oriented hatha yoga class, Ron explores what it means to play with energy, accept pleasure as a part of your practice (rather than pain), and deepen your experience of release using the breath. His creative style makes the class feel like a continual movement, while stretching the spine and releasing the hips, legs and shoulders. Note: Ron doesn't address this, but you may need something to sit on at the beginning of the class.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


MereYoga4Life 1 week ago

Agreed with all the comments - I wanted to immediately do this class again. Love Ron's playfulness and energy.

foodfuel 2 weeks ago

The time flew by with this class! What a great flow, gets you sweating and opened up! Also tempted to watch over again. :)

Fawnglen 1 month ago

what a super therapeutic class! What's amasing is that it also allows you to find joy in transition of poses. Love it!

mirstein 2 months ago

Ron thanks so much for this lovely and joyful class! The idea of looking for pleasure in the poses really hit home when you said "if holding this pose makes you wish it was the end of the class, just back off a bit". I will try to remember this lesson as I continue to practice.

JMacDee 2 months ago

The time went by so quickly, I feel so much better now. I am tempted to start again. Thanks Ron!

JMacDee 3 months ago

I am new to DYWM and have only taken a few of Ron's classes. He is able to anticipate and address the things we might be thinking along the way and that helped me to connect with him during this class. He gives detailed instructions and reminds us to enjoy the journey, I need that! Thank you Ron I look forward to practicing with you again soon. I especially enjoyed side plank.

wanita 7 months ago

This was exactly what my body needed today. I enjoyed the reminder about taking pleasure over pain, and that it's ok to take a rest when necessary and not push your body to its limits if your body doesn't have what's required in any given day to do so. Thank you :)

dixiemarie 1 year ago

Beautiful weaving of postures, breath and awareness of body. Love the flow and balance of gentleness and strength. Original unique sequence.