Playing with Energy

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Instructor Ron Stewart
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In this gentle intermediate, movement-oriented hatha yoga class, Ron explores what it means to play with energy, accept pleasure as a part of your practice (rather than pain), and deepen your experience of release using the breath. His creative style makes the class feel like a continual movement, while stretching the spine and releasing the hips, legs and shoulders. Note: Ron doesn't address this, but you may need something to sit on at the beginning of the class. Music provided by Yogitunes. To listen to or purchase the playlist, go here.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Whole Body Make-Over
Melanie Lichtinger 5 months ago

Such a powerful fluid sequence with Ron.
Back in great body-mind-spirit space.
More classes with Ron again please!
Loving his dance like body-breath aware style.

Wonderful class
Elsa Avila 6 months ago

An extremely beautiful meditation class. Thanks Ron and DYWM it was what I needed. Good working body connecting with mind and breathe

Beautiful Clsss from Ron
Nicholet 9 months ago

I always enjoy Ron's teaching tremendously, but this class is particularly lovely. His breath reminders and the conversation about finding the right place in pose for your current moment are very nice. Thank you. I have been in a stressful week and this was perfect.

Wonderful Class
vanessa40 9 months ago

Thank you so much...this was just what i needed today

Day 6
NatalieNZ 11 months ago

Oh, thank you Ron!
Like so many others I truly feel like I was energized and such a feeling of delight and not exhaustion or worse, relief that it was over (I found that humorous that you alluded to such thoughts during the practice and reminded us that if we were having such thoughts „to back off“, and ease up).
I was concentrated and focused on everything you said, at times I could even feel like I wanted more, like a sponge I had more room, more release (that great ability you have, thru your voice, to give that one, little, gentle —push).
It‘s Day 6 and I thought I wanted more Fiji, but oh how lovely to have another teacher to look forward to these next weeks.
Bless you for your gift.

freshang23 1 year ago

Loved this. So calming, yet I feel so alive! Great class for early morning practice! Thanks Ron!

Wonderful class, loved the
KimHoffman 1 year ago

Wonderful class, loved the emphasis on breathing. Thank you

Very calming. A good class
alevans 1 year ago

Very calming. A good class for the process of recovering - injury or illness.

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

My wife and I did this on Day 6 of the Empower Yourself 30-Day Challenge and we thought it was an absolutely phenomenal class, Ron. I love the imagery in particular. It really made me experience my body in a new, refreshing way.

Unbelievable class. I decided
reneegoudreau 1 year ago

Unbelievable class. I decided after two years of doing gentle hatha and yin classes that i'd start to open up more to doing intermediate. The first few classes of this challenge really pushed me and made me feel great. I woke up this morning with tired legs and weak shoulders. Rons class was the perfect pace for how I felt today, he really encourages breathing and a positive attitude. Thank you for this amazing class, and for this amazing site. I'm thankful everyday that it is still here and I can practice yoga with such great teachers :) Namaste