Playing with Energy

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
Average: 4.8 (93 votes)
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In this gentle intermediate, movement-oriented hatha yoga class, Ron explores what it means to play with energy, accept pleasure as a part of your practice (rather than pain), and deepen your experience of release using the breath. His creative style makes the class feel like a continual movement, while stretching the spine and releasing the hips, legs and shoulders. Note: Ron doesn't address this, but you may need something to sit on at the beginning of the class.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Shiraz 4 days ago

Another inspiring class from Ron. Thank you.

dk35morris 4 months ago

Thanks so much! Appreciate all you bring into the class - love of movement.. a bit like being in the dance you are used to watching on stage. : )

MonicaB 9 months ago

This was wonderfully energetic but relaxing at the same time.

dixiemarie 10 months ago

Loved the class. Combination of Ron's voice, pacing, music, all lent a certain sense of exceptional fluidity that brought an ease to even challenging postures.

KJAL 11 months ago

I loved this class. Loved the pace and the time given to each position. Thank you Ron.

MereYoga4Life 1 year ago

Agreed with all the comments - I wanted to immediately do this class again. Love Ron's playfulness and energy.

foodfuel 1 year ago

The time flew by with this class! What a great flow, gets you sweating and opened up! Also tempted to watch over again. :)

Fawnglen 1 year ago

what a super therapeutic class! What's amasing is that it also allows you to find joy in transition of poses. Love it!