Maintaining Center, Finding Balance

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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In this hatha flow yoga class with Ron, we will connect movement to breath and practice yin and yang polarities which help us to measure ease and effort in our practice while we explore the sweet spot in single leg balances.

This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 10 of Total Body Flexibility And Health 14-Day Yoga Challenge For Men.

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Equipment: Bolster, Chair
Style: Hatha Yoga


SMZalokar 1 week ago

Another great class. Those twists and infinity hips are just right for me today, thank you!

sng4ever 1 week ago

I was so , so happy to see Ron was doing some of the practices for the challenge.
Ron is such a great teacher/guide for yoga and I always enjoy how he can be fluid and ok with being unstable in poses.
It allows all of us to be "ok" with whatever yoga gives us, or not.

This is a nice balancing class / practice for any level.

dukegal1213 1 week ago

Love the focus on balances. I like the pace of this class, too. Thanks, Ron!

Thanks Ron for the great tips on one-leg poses. I am still struggling with these but it's coming along. I find that if I just become more relaxed, I can balance better. I sometimes make sure I am near a wall and use an index finger on the wall for balance and then gradually move that finger off the wall.

montelab 1 week ago

Thanks, Ron! I don't believe any of our disgruntled friends that marched on D.C. this week are yoga instructors. I love the peace and calm you all bring. I wish the world could know this peace!

smiragli 1 week ago

Ron, I do indeed approach balance poses with anxiety! However, your gentle guidance and instruction enabled me accomplish more in this session than I'd ever done before. The playfulness of this practice (as well as your instruction to be forgiving), made it not only fun but cathartic. Thank you!

mandyschmidt19 1 week ago

Well done, Ron! I am doing this as part of the Yoga Challenge for Men with my Dad and this was a fantastic class with pushing the boundaries but making it achievable. Great guidance and humor as well. :)