Learn to Let Go

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Learn to Let Go

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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In this class, Tracey leads you in exploring Urdhva Dhanurasana (full wheel pose), helping you discover the expansiveness contained within you. Melt away the tension in your shoulders and thighs, and align your movement with the breath.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


I really needed ...
coehennessy 4 hours ago

I really needed to let go! This was a great quickie for me to fit into my evening :)

Tracey's classes are ...
TMorosan 6 hours ago

Tracey's classes are always a perfect balance (pun intended!) of effective and playful, and this one was no different!

Thank you Tracey ...
goddess50 14 hours ago

Thank you Tracey ~ another great practice. I was feeling constricted and a little agitated before my practice. Feeling open with a sense of release right now :)

Fun flow...I love ...
travishbray 19 hours ago

Fun flow...I love that I can rarely predict where we are going next. That unknowing keeps me present and allows me to find new places in my body that need space or stretching.

just what i ...
chvanhoutven 21 hours ago

just what i needed after a hard cardio circit workout, to rest, to accept, to be. thank you.

Really enjoyed this ...
michii 1 day ago

Really enjoyed this class. Nice stretches and I look forward to working into wheel pose.

Thank you so ...
Liss 1 day ago

Thank you so much for that challenging and wholesome flow! Your words are music to my ears:)

creative opening flow ...
perfecta25 1 day ago

creative opening flow - unexpected heart opening. Om :)