Hatha Yoga to Release the Lower Back

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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Whether you're looking for long-term relief from lower back pain or trying to avoid having lower back problems, this class is what you are looking for. It's designed to target the muscles that commonly cause tightness and pain around the lower back, and does a fantastic job of releasing them through self massage, yoga and a few core strength exercises.

Equipment: Strap, Bolster, Rubber Ball
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Back Care


Guiness 10 months ago

This helps me so much with my lower back, thank you!

Malaka 2 years ago

Hi, I would like to buy the Hatha yoga to release the lower back video in SD, but when I clink on the link, the video shown is Yummy 30 with Fidji (even though there is the correct title underneath.) So I'm not sure what I will get if I go through the procedure. Thanks to let me know if that's the right video.

Kelly Bouchard 2 years ago

Hi Carine,

Kelly from DoYogaWithMe, here. I have fixed it now! The correct file is in place!


Malaka 2 years ago

Thanks, but I think there's still a problem. Now it says "this is not currently for sale" when I want to pay (I ended up getting the HD anyway, but just in case.) And thanks for the great work you all do with this wonderful site.

Kelly Bouchard 2 years ago

Hi Carine,

Sorry about that! Seems I didn't re-publish the class after making the changes. Now, it should be up and running. And thank YOU for your patience and support!


Healthy2016 2 years ago

I am grateful for this class David. I have done it before due to serious lower back pain and woke up the next day without pain. This is a really therapeutic class. Even though a beginner's class, the backward stretching of the arms was quite challenging for my shoulders, but I am extremely thankful for it. I feel so energized and calm.

bronwynhegarty 3 years ago

Thank you David! This was such an amazing class and my lower back feels so well-stretched. I love your clear well-paced instructions and gentle guidance. I am so loving this programme.

jaine 4 years ago

As always David, your classes are perfection - this is no exception. Clear direction, easy to follow for the first timer. Thank you for another solid class!

Melanie Lichtinger 4 years ago

Another 5 star goodie!
So happy to having found and subscribed to DoYogaWithMe - just in time for the rain season here on the West Coast! Indoor hOMe Yoga is purrrfect for days like these, esp. when I feel a tickle in my nose... while virtually being in the Yoga forest or Camus field with you.
This one was such an aaawesome release, stretch, lower back & hip awareness and strength builder.
Love the gentle and clear and well paced instructions. Thank you David!

JudithAnne 4 years ago

I was really happy to find this video because my back has been twitching and catching for the last few days. Guess I have been overdoing something! This class is excellent and I feel so much better. Definitely going in my bookmarks.