Hatha Yoga for Better Sleep

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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If you have insomnia or occasionally struggle with sleep, Melissa designed this hatha yoga class for you. Her gentle guidance is perfect for allowing you to let go and completely relax into every pose, making this yoga class for sleep a good way to tackle insomnia and put you in a calm, meditative state of mind before your head hits the pillow. Note: you will need a bolster or a few pillows for this class. Check out our video, 'How To Make Your Own Bolster', located in our blog.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


jasmine-tea 4 years ago

Had a fantastic sleep. The foot massage was definitely effective.
Thank you

pheen 4 years ago

Thank you Melissa - I love your classes. This one is just what I need at the moment to properly unwind before bed.

msmit245 4 years ago

I have never slept well, so I am looking for a routine to do before sleep. I hope that this is it. Thank you for your lovely videos.

Wiste 4 years ago

I hadn't done yoga in over a year before doing this video because of some severe health issues. It was the perfect amount of relaxation and stretching. I'm hoping making this part of my nightly routine will ease the pain and help me relax so I can fall asleep quickly.

JCCraves 4 years ago

Thanks for another great routine. Bookmarking this one.

nena2006 4 years ago

A session completed to relax, release its muscles, to relax completely. Perfect before bed but also after a very an intense sporting session to calm the aches ! Thank you :)

MADSISLIEF 4 years ago

Super, very original and well thought out beginners class. Happy to see the toe weaving in here. It's my favorite thing to add in beginners class.

Yogita 4 years ago

I haven't been sleeping well and this is just what I needed ... Very calming voice, movements, and reminders to stay relaxed and practice safely. :)

naturebreath (not verified) 4 years ago

Let my tears reflect the sunlight
of broken dreams
whispering names of a new identity