Hands Free: Kick Your Asana, Part II

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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This hands free class with Rachel is perfect for people working with shoulder, wrist and elbow injuries who still want a powerful and engaged practice. We will work through standing hip openers that strengthen and open the hips and legs. 

You can find Part One of this series here: Hands Free: Kick Your Asana, Part I.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Pam Palmer 2 weeks ago

Wonderful class Rachel! I felt strong and capable. Thank you!

nadonado 3 months ago

What a nice practice with some fun and challenging poses. It's nice to give my wrists a rest. I love it. Thank you.

-Deb 4 months ago

What a treat to have two new classes from Rachel. I am grateful for her excellent instructions and sense of humor. She always brings a smile to my practice. I found these two classes to be a refreshing break for my wrists and hands, THANK YOU!

vcarrington 4 months ago

Thank you so much for the two new wrist-free classes, Rachel. I've been taking DYWM classes for more than 7 years now and about a year ago developed chronic wrist pain. I am very limited in the Vinyasa classes I can do, but I want to stay strong! I'm hopeful there will be more :)

Maria.Em 4 months ago

Rachel I have a shoulder injury and this class is perfect!
Thank you!

Rachel Scott 4 months ago

I am so glad it's helpful ~ I hope your shoulder heals quickly! <3

sng4ever 4 months ago

Another nice practice, Part II, that was just as nice as Part I.
Rachel is wonderful at giving guidance. This practice was a little less "fluid" than Part I however it is a nice practice to challenge balance and/or when you have upper body injuries / pain. I liked it!