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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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Class Description: 
Tracey's infectious energy will absorb into the pores of your skin in this lively class, infused with love, appreciation and gratitude. She'll get you to work hard while enjoying the experience of it all, strengthening your body and stretching every angle, line and loop in your body. The music playlist is provided by Yogitunes.


Preciosa clase
ylda 2 days ago

Me ha emocionado. Namaste

This course was awesome.
genevieveproven 4 days ago

This course was awesome. Thank you so much, I fell really good (and relax, and thankful). Merci!

Love love love... Namaste
Tlboyce 1 week ago

Love love love... Namaste

Tracey, you get better with
gilgameshdg 3 weeks ago

Tracey, you get better with each video.

This one was outstanding. The flow was delightful, and by the end of the video your electricity was contagious. I was having a terrible day riddled with self inflicted stress from problems my mind cannot let go. I am not healed, but this class was a much needed step in the right direction.

With all my heart thank you

Great class , great teacher
Penny1 3 weeks ago

Great class , great teacher

My body was tingling all over
lolavida 4 weeks ago

My body was tingling all over after this wonderful class!

Beautiful flow
chopper 4 weeks ago

Great work out flawless transitions and I love that u started the class in a long fabulous child's pose
Thank you Tracey I agree melty !

Thank you Gratitude is the Attitude
monicamorin8 4 weeks ago

Love this flow, added to my faves!!!

What a great way to start my
auntiej 1 month ago

What a great way to start my morning - calming yet energizing. Tracey's classes, and her style, are just wonderful.

absolutely beautiful class.i

absolutely beautiful class.i could really feel the gratitude while being presence.Thank you so much :)