Plus Size Yoga: A Gentle Seated Practice

Helen Camisa
Instructor Helen Camisa
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This hatha yoga class is all about taking the time for some gentle stretches without transitioning up and down. Staying low to the ground, this class is created especially for students working in bigger bodies and features a series of wonderfully satisfying poses, including a modified reclined twist and Sufi grinds.

Equipment: Strap, Block, Bolster
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Plus Size Yoga


Helen Camisa 1 year ago

It's my pleasure Melanie! I'm glad you enjoyed the class and thanks so much for taking the time to let us know. :)

Lynda G 1 year ago

I’m struggling at the moment with an ankle sprain, so this is a perfect practice.

Helen Camisa 1 year ago

I'm so glad that this option was a good one for you! I had a Summer once where my ankle was very unhappy and outside of teaching, I was largely doing seated practice. I hope that your ankle is on the mend and that you are tree posing as you read this!

Helen Camisa 1 year ago

Thank you for taking the time to comment! I love a lazy day, and I'm so glad this class was a part of yours. May there be many more in your future! :)