Gentle Hatha Yoga for Lower Back Pain

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This short yoga class teaches you how to care for your lower back. David takes you through a self-massage routine and a series of stretches that release key muscles responsible for the tightness around the hips, legs and back that are associated with lower back pain. Note: you need two tennis balls, an old sock, a strap and a bolster. Check out this video to see how to make a bolster at home.

Equipment: Strap, Bolster, Rubber Ball
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga at Work, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Back Care


jonathonlee 9 months ago

After two days of intense lower back pain and a break from most physical activity, this was a gentle transition back to my daily routine. I especially appreciate David’s repeated reminders to back off from any pain, making mindful adaptations throughout. I’ll probably repeat this a few days before going back to my flow routine.

leason 1 year ago

Love the woodland setting and the orange shirt.

EmBe 1 year ago

I seldom have any back pain, but after doing some bending, my lower back hurt a bit so I tried this class. My lower back feels much better, and I plan to do the class again. The only section I had trouble with was putting the balls under my upper back. I found it difficult to hold my head up off the floor so I stood against a wall and tried to copy the movements David was doing on the ground. My upper back and especially my shoulders feel so relaxed, and I may repeat this without doing the entire video when my shoulders feel tight or stressed..

Epplr1996 2 years ago

Great back massaging and stretching! I like having the 2 tennis balls together in the sock rather than just one.

Gilly Vanilly 2 years ago

After pulling my lower back muscles yesterday, I tried this practise but it was impossible to bare the discomfort of the tennis balls. I did continue without the balls and hoped for some release but it didn't really make any difference. It's such a shame as I want to continue with my beginners practise but the pain is not allowing me. Do you have any other suggestions to ease the tightness and pain in the lower back? Many thanks and I would like to add that up til now every practise has been terrific and made me feel lighter and stronger. I hope to be able to continue soon. Thank you!

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

I can relate to the pain in the lower back. It can feel like you can't do anything without aggravating it. It's difficult to give advice at a distance, since many different things can be the cause, but you certainly want to be careful and gentle. In some cases, you may just need to rest your back until the swelling subsides. Let me know how it goes!

Gilly Vanilly 2 years ago

Thank you David for your kind reply. It has been two weeks now since my back pain and sadly I am still suffering on and off. I keep trying gentle relaxing classes as I am a complete beginner and I also had 3 days of doing absolutely nothing. I now feel lots of tightness and hot points in my lower back and today tingling on my little toe. I'm going to try this class again without the balls and see how it goes but if you can offer any suggestions I would very much appreciate it. Thanks again for such a great introduction to yoga. Kind regards Gillian

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Hi Gillian.
I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through that. I can relate - I've gone through two periods where I needed to lie down for 2 weeks because my back was in so much pain. In my experience, the only thing that helped was rest, ice and time. I would be concerned that yoga may be aggravating the issue, unless you are seeing progress. In terms of the yoga you are doing, I think you're taking the right approach - gentle and careful. If it hurts, don't do it.
I hope that helps.

christier66 2 years ago

My fiance has been suffering from bad back pain for weeks. I finally got him to try a yoga class for back pain. I've done David's other back classes before but needed a short one so that he would go along with it. His back cracked/popped 3 times in the areas where he was feeling the most spasms. He said that the area that cracked was the place that he has been needing to crack for a long time. Results are what will convince him that yoga is really beneficial. He is a hard core gym rat and has been so resistant to trying yoga. Thanks, David.