Gentle Hatha Yoga for Lower Back Pain

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This short yoga class teaches you how to care for your lower back. David takes you through a self-massage routine and a series of stretches that release key muscles responsible for the tightness around the hips, legs and back that are associated with lower back pain. Note: you need two tennis balls, an old sock, a strap and a bolster. Check out this video to see how to make a bolster at home.

Equipment: Strap, Bolster, Rubber Ball
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga at Work, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Back Care


Alke1980 3 years ago

I heard from my friend that yoga helps to get recovery from back pain, but i don't know which kind of exercise i have to do or should i use back belt to get recovery from my back pain?
can you please give me proper suggestion??

creek 3 years ago

Hi Alke, you do not mention if the recovery is due to surgery or an injury but irregardless you should always check with your doctor to see if there is any movement you should not do. I too had back pain from working while limping around on a knee painful from osteoarthritis, my chiropractor said yoga would be great.

heather.kalei 4 years ago

I am working to recover from a lower back/hip injury that causes stiffness and pain. Doing this class took my pain level from a 8 to a 3. Thank you David! I love starting off the class with tennis balls and ending in recovery on a bolster. FYI, I paused the video to add in a figure 4 stretch on each side.

emhenry 4 years ago

Well, that was amazing! Can't believe I've only just found this class- I'll be returning to it regularly! Thank you!

desiray 4 years ago

I have two lacrosse balls that I have used for my back in the past. Would it work to use those instead of tennis balls?

David Procyshyn 4 years ago

I've never used lacrosse balls. Are they soft enough and firm enough that they will add the pressure you need but not hurt too much?

TurtlevsHare 4 years ago

Within the first minute of starting this class my lower back/hip pain just about vanished. Bless those tennis balls, they were key. I was actually crying with relief when I was able to sit cross legged at the very end. Three days of pain and limited movement had stopped. I can't wait to tell my physical therapist.

chopper 4 years ago

Doing Tracy's feel the love and Davids gentle yoga while listening to Third Day in the sunshine in my home I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. My lower back pain melts away with this short sweet and to the point class. Looooove it!

bethany.durys 4 years ago

I only had one ball the first time I did this. (You might want to change the description in the equipment.) But, it was the most WONDERFUL feeling! I have soreness between my 4th and 5th lumbar that physical therapy could only help with to a point. Rolling on the massage ball was amazing. Something I'll plan to do even outside of class.

vintage liza 4 years ago

I didn't have *any* tennis balls. . . substituted two medium-sized yellow onions instead. Where there's a will. . .