Flow Into Feeling

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (75 votes)
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This intermediate flow invites you to find presence through the sensations that bring each moment and movement to life. The mind learns to listen to, and follow, the guidance of the body through the language of feeling and breath. 

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


sanzenbacher 6 months ago

I had to take a break from yoga due to an illness and minor injury and this class was the perfect way to come back. Thank you!

sng4ever 10 months ago

Fiji always provides a beautiful practice. Her explanations and guidance during this practice help to understand many aspects of yoga and self that may or may not be covered the same way in other practices. This is a great practice for "monkey mind".

lea.muller@stud... 12 months ago

Fiji, thank you so much for this amazing practice!!! :) It is my favourite at the moment. I was sweating and powered myself out, while also stretching and meditating in poses. You are my hero!! Thank you!!!

nomise 12 months ago

This is truly a beautiful class. Fiji is a fantastic teacher. There is so much wisdom in her words.
Thank you.

sivar_sydney 1 year ago

Thank you Fiji for a wonderful flow. I havent practiced a vinyasa in too long out of fear of being out of shape post baby. This class definitely pushed my edges, but reminded me that yoga is an unfolding and provided the gentle encouragement that I needed. will be returning!

BevieKnowles 1 year ago

Lovely class, thank you for this resource. I would really value a longer sivasana. I don’t know what is happening in sivasana, some sort of very nourishing integrating process and when it is only just beginning we are called out of it. This feels like a very valuable part of the practice that is overlooked. Especially when we are focusing on listening to the wisdom of the body. The body was calling me to a longer sivasana.