A Yoga Flow for Cyclists

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Just finished a hard bike ride? This class offers the hip and spinal opening that cyclists need to recuperate. Stretch all the tight spots and balance your body!

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners


doppelganger 3 days ago

I loved this, thanks so much! (Did we miss Lizard pose on the left side in the first 15-20 mins though? I tried to skip through again to check, but can't be sure - might just be me! :)

Rachel Scott 3 days ago

Hallo! It's entirely possible!!!
If so - my SINCERE apologies - and warning to all students - add in lizard ;) LOL

Jill.winkowski@... 3 weeks ago

Excellent hip stretch and IT band stretches integrated into a liberating yoga flow practice. Thank you!!! (I am a brisk walker, occasional jogger, and use a stationary bike.

Rachel Scott 3 days ago

Glad you enjoyed it Jill! yes - those exercises for sure will create strong glutes quads - and tight IT bands ;) I'm glad this hit the spot~

paul2495 5 months ago

Not a cyclist but i do a lot of walking and time on the feet. this is an amazing class for stretching the legs

Namaste713 6 months ago

Thanks Rachel. Always a challenge for cyclists to stretch IT bands. Namaste foe the great practice

peacefulness 6 months ago

This is also a great practice for runners. I did it on a rest day from running, the day before a long run. Hit ALL the spots. Perfect. Not too strenuous. Thanks, Rachel.

verdebug 7 months ago

My first class with Rachel - won't be my last! Thank you for this practice that invigorated me and relaxed me at the same time. What a lovely feeling.

roxy1 7 months ago

Great class thank you!!! As a cyclist I am familiar with these stretches. Thank you for putting them together in a focused class with a functional warm up. I will be doing this class regularly!

nadonado 9 months ago

Love the IT band stretches, great way to change up my yoga routine. Thank you.