Firefly Pose: Workshop

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Class Description: 

This is the final class in a series of three that help you move into the challenging arm balance, firefly pose (tittibhasana). Fiji targets flexibility in the legs, hips and back, shoulder strength/flexibility and core strength before moving into the peak pose in this class. If you have never been able to do firefly pose or haven't tried it yet, this may be your answer. Fiji's design of this peak pose challenge is about as good as it gets. Good luck!


There's Hope!
Sea2Sea 1 week ago

I am 'flexibly challenged' : ) and have knee issues yet I have hope that I will be able to successfully complete this pose soon. I've been enjoying the other classes Fiji has in this set and this is a great conclusion. Fiji's encouragement is personal, genuine, and so motivating to me. Thank you so much for this class!

So wonderful!
jenniferorsatti 2 weeks ago

I love all of Fiji's practices! This one is especially so wonderful, although I didn't make it fully into the pose just yet. I have always struggled getting into Titivasana, but with this workshop practice, I can feel myself making my way into it very soon. Your instructions are always so well guided and so motivational.

Thank you for the most wonderful practices!

Squeeee! I did it! Thank you
emhenry 2 weeks ago

Squeeee! I did it! Thank you so much for your excellence guidance, Fiji. I feel joyful, not really because I got into the full expression, but because you led me to this point with such patience and humour. I feel light and my heart is happy! With love and gratitude xx

Happy Heart
Fiji McAlpine 2 weeks ago

If the practice made you full of joy and your heart is happy I think you did make it into the full expression. The full pose varies for us all day to day, it is taking it fully to where you can in that moment!