Firefly Pose: Workshop

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This is the final class in a series of three that help you move into the challenging arm balance, firefly pose (tittibhasana). Building on what you learned in Firefly Pose: Arm Strength, and Firefly Pose: Strengthen and Lengthen, Fiji targets flexibility in the legs, hips and back, shoulder strength/flexibility and core strength before moving into the peak pose in this class. If you have never been able to do firefly pose or haven't tried it yet, this may be your answer. Fiji's design of this peak pose challenge is about as good as it gets. Good luck!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


kcairney 2 years ago

I thought this was a good progression from the other two classes and I believe there is some real truth in what Fiji says about the mind–body connection. While trying multiple times to get into the final pose, I fell over every time but even that 'falling' helped me overcome the 'fear' of falling an enjoy the playful journey of this pose. As we get older, we tend to live our lives up in your head and are far away from the floor. This is a gradual process over years and, over time, compounds our fear of falling when faced with these poses. This disconnection from the ground often prevents us from enjoying or even trying these activities, where, as a kid, you would just keep on trying until you made it. It's great to reconnect with that 'inner child' as I think we all seem to lose this sense of fun as we become adults and are conditioned to move further away from the floor..

nannciem 2 years ago

I did this workshop for the intermediate challenge and totally disliked it. We are not enough well stretched and well prepared to get in the peak pose and felt more like we had to do the 3 workshops in line to have the real stretch we need to get into it.
It would have been better if it was more considered as a full yoga class that leads us to firefly pose with a review of the exercise of the last 2 classes than a workshop that is concluded in 20 minutes only.

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

My wife and I just did this class today and although I felt like I was warm enough, I can see how others might feel differently. We have thought about this before, and have posted a comment at the top of each Peak Pose Challenge encouraging students to do classes, particularly the shorter and final classes, back-to-back, to get the most out of the progression. So if you consider doing this challenge again, try doing the last two together. I imagine you'll feel a lot more prepared.

Helen Alford 2 years ago

It was fun doing this and I'm going to keep trying. What I feel is that my hamstrings aren't long enough to extend my legs fully in this position. But I can do a seated forward fold so perhaps it's the fact that my hips aren't high enough? My toes just about leave the ground but won' t go any further.
Great timing with the airplane :-)

SarahB2214 2 years ago

I just completed all three classes in the Firefly series, and although I wasn't able to fully make it into this pose, I'm hopeful I will someday. It wasn't pretty... I was able to get my legs off the ground, but I struggled with straightening them while also lifting my hips up. I flopped on my butt with all three attempts, but I was able to hold Awkward Firefly (haha) for a few seconds the last time I attempted, so that's progress! I loved how encouraging and and genuine Fiji was throughout this series. I've always been uncomfortable with attempting poses that require a lot of wrist work due to having severe Carpal Tunnel in both wrists while pregnant. So to say the least, my wrists still bug me some to this day, but Fiji's sensitive approach to awakening the wrists for the demands of this pose made this challenge possible for me. I will definitely complete this series again soon!

caitlin.louise 2 years ago

Can tell you're really 'feeling it' in this one! 2nd time around via this challenge was even better, thanks for teaching some real life ways to see the world while yoga-ing.. when I started yoga ~4 months ago I never thought I would be this person but, yoga has really been "a drop in the bucket in the right direction" for me! :) Thanks, Fijiii!

Melanie Lichtinger 2 years ago

HA! Loved what happened in this process, even though I didn't 'make' it into the pose. This is my first time playing with firefly, 'even though' arm balances have been always a challenge since my wrists hurt when I put too much pressure on them. But the prep in the last two days, and Fiji's clear, precise, motivating guidance helped me see what's essential (shooting the body into two directions), and now it needs to land more in the body, with practice. Good to see how easily that happens with squat, and with Warrior 3. Loved consciously finding the genuine contentment and patience.
And it all was beautifully aligned with the TAURUS - SCORPIO Full Moon this evening (yes, pulling us into two directions, as we're invited to balance dropping into something that might feel scary but can be so transformational, and feeling the contentment in the body for where it goes - currently).
Much Love and Happy Full Moon!

HeatherSue 2 years ago

The compassion and support that Fiji offers in this class is like nothing else ! I sometimes get nervous trying arm balances because I worry that my wrists are going to collapse beneath my weight, but the guidance and emotional support that she provides definitely made me less anxious and more confident in lifting my feet off the ground when trying this tricky pose. I couldn't ask for a better teacher :)

cirvine06 2 years ago

This is wonderful! I did the pose my first time trying and it's because of how well Fiji sets it up, both in this video and the two other videos in this series. I was really surprised I was able to do it honestly, but I loved being able to. Looking forward to coming back to this series to continue getting better at the pose!