Calming Restorative Yoga

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Class Description: 
This wonderfully calm and restful full-length restorative yoga class is perfect any time of the day, particularly if you are looking to calm your nerves, recover from intense activity or deepen your yoga practice. Satiya begins with pranayama, then moves through a series of restorative yoga poses the help release the spine, lower back, legs, chest and shoulders, including spending some time with legs up the wall. The fantastic background music provided by Yogitunes, along with Satiya's calm voice and clear guidance, make this class a must-do for all yoga-lovers. Check out the Yogitunes playlist here. Also, learn how to make a bolster at home.


Just what I needed!
Yogandar 1 month ago

Thank you for this, it was truly what I needed. Didn't feel like 60 minutes, and afterwards I felt open/calm/aware of my breath. Again, many thanks.

muslimmommy 1 month ago

Amazing. So relaxing and yes, restorative. Thank you for sharing this practice.

Gentle and Relaxing
Christine Morgan 1 month ago

Thank you so much for a terrific class. The poses were easy, relaxing, and restorative but had just enough stretch in them to make my overexercised muscles feel warm and tingly. I've recently started a new strength training routine and this class was just what I needed to recuperate.

I did have a little trouble getting up on the wall with a bolster under my bottom. I ended up giving up and just removing the bolster. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, or if maybe I wasn't supposed to be as close up to the wall as I'm used to for wall poses ... ?

Bolster for legs up the wall
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

Yes, it's great that you both did that. Some people prefer to have their hips on the ground, so it's great that you honored what your body was telling you.

I ended up just removing the
mrswright2015 1 month ago

I ended up just removing the bolster entirely. I like that better when I'm using a wall for legs up the wall.

Thank you!!!!!
mrswright2015 1 month ago

WOW! This practice was fantastic. I did this today because I'm recovering from DOMS after trying kickboxing for the first time, but I now have a new favorite to add to my Saturday night restorative yoga times. Thank you!