Breathing Through Movement

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
Average: 4.6 (86 votes)
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This class is a quite an experience. It begins with the Ujayi Breath, then flows through a rigorous sun salutation, warming the body and focusing the mind. It then takes you to the floor, where you move through a series of deep stretches. Best of all, it finishes with a 20-minute Total Body Relaxation!

Equipment: Strap
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners


Lara Yule Singh 7 years ago

I love your gentle, clear teaching style. This one was a great body opener. Noticed it particularly in the legs. Thank you.

kotey 8 years ago

This was a great way to begin my Sunday. I almost fell asleep a few time but I think I will feel more rested throughout the day now. Wonderful site and amazing class direction!

persistentone 8 years ago

I'm glad I downloaded Breathing through Movement - I'd been tempted to get Playing the Edge as David Procyshyn's audio download offering. But I guessed that this class would be easier to improvise and modify - and I was right--I used a block. This truly is a whole body flow and the instructions were detailed and extremely alignment-focused (done with not first knowing the video cold, same as with the first one I'd tried) ... who knew vinyasa and restorative went so well together?

odeakm 9 years ago

I loved the unique sequencing of the seated postures and the progression to full Purvottanasana. Thanks for the class David
and your kind words in savasana :)

kiddo2000 9 years ago

excellent class and great relaxation at the end, i felt like i fell asleep but was still hearing what david was saying. i feel great now! thanks so much!!

t3orourke 7 years ago

"i felt like i fell asleep but was still hearing what david was saying"

That's exactly how I felt, too! Afterward I wondered if I had actually fallen asleep but I didn't feel like I had dozed off and I "woke up" right when the video ended.

Elsanna 9 years ago

I totally enjoyed the class this morning : the sequence, the music, the directions always paying attention to the breath, and also the peacock who came to take a look : reminds me of my tortoise who is also joining me when I do yoga !