Backbending From The Base - Advanced Class

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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It takes focus, patience and strength to move the body into the most gentle backbend. In Backbending From The Base, Fiji guides you through a beautiful sequence that takes you gradually into deeper backbends with awareness and attention to alignment. Filmed on the serene, rocky Pacific coastline, this class will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and energized.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


starita 4 months ago

Wow this was just what I hoped this class would be (and more!) -- loved that it started off with a power flow vinyasa to really get a good workout and warmup in before moving into some backbends and other poses. Thank you Fiji and DYWM!

janetgutsche 1 year ago

It just doesn't get better than Fiji's yoga classes. This one is no exception. It has an extremely spiritual impact. It is a perfect balance of strength, breathe, balance, exertion, and intense stretching and opening, leaving one feeling awakened and revitalised after a beautiful meditation. All feels as if it is in harmony after this class. Namaste, once again, Fiji.

M.Doman 2 years ago

Thank you Figi...I loved the pace which pushed me just enough. Beautiful music too!

lpyles 2 years ago

Enjoying returning to this and some of your early practices. Perfect pacing! After a SI injury 7 months ago, I am more aware of the importance of foundation and strength. I am very flexible and realize hypermobility can be very painful. This is a practice I will keep coming back to as, I (and my physical therapist) believe, it focuses on strength and precision of movement that really develops the muscles to protect my vulnerable areas. As always, I am appreciative of your gift as a teacher! Namaste'

BalanceStudio 3 years ago

Thanks Fiji, personally I find your pace is just perfect and you teach the progression in a safe and engaging manner. For a vinyasa/power class there's plenty of time to take consistent full breaths while you move (as is intended with this style of class) but if people wanted more of a breathing practice they could always add this on as a separate practice at the end.
You're a beautifully gifted teacher - thank you.

acdiamond123 3 years ago

Advanced in movement beginner in breath. She doesn't allow for time for advanced breath work to be incorporated into the practice. I implore for a more wholistic definition of advanced.

BalanceStudio 3 years ago

As a vinyasa / power class I found plenty of time to breath properly without it effecting the consistent pace of movement. Thanks Fiji

acdiamond123 3 years ago

I love Fiji's focus on energy and her practices are great if she would SLOW DOWN. Yoga is about movement with breath and to expand and find space in breath and there is absolutely no time to do that in a majority of her videos. I constantly have to pause the video to do the poses at a comfortable pace. I understand she is trying to create heat, but you can do so with proper breath technique and her practices don't adequately allow for that. I still come back to her classes because despite this very annoying aspect her sequences and guidance is something i do enjoy.

jennzee 10 months ago

Amen to mcala's comment. I'm used to doing dynamic workouts like crossfit / TRX / boxing, so slower yoga classes do not do it for me. I have zero trouble breathing normally through Fiji's routines (I never get "out of breath", even in the advanced videos) and love her videos primarily for the faster power flows that actually challenge me. Everyone is at different fitness levels and have different styles or preferences when working out --- if you're having to catch your breath, it sounds like your aerobic fitness levels are not up to this level yet, maybe stick to an intermediate practice.