Backbending From The Base - Advanced Class

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 5 (83 votes)
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It takes focus, patience and strength to move the body into the most gentle backbend. In Backbending From The Base, Fiji guides you through a beautiful sequence that takes you gradually into deeper backbends with awareness and attention to alignment. Filmed on the serene, rocky Pacific coastline, this class will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and energized.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


vbelair02 3 years ago

I am in love with Fiji. Recovering from an eating disorder, she was exactly what I needed to become the best I can be.

ErikaM34 4 years ago

Thank you Fiji for another beautiful and healing practice.

launonenanna 5 years ago

This class moves at a fast pace; unfortunately my body responds better to longer holds so this one wasn't for me. Also a lot of alternating between forward and backward bending movements which I tend to try to avoid.

Dakota Drummer 5 years ago

Thank you to Fiji and the team for another beautiful class. Great cues, lovely soft music, and great video. Love the practice.

ninakhar 5 years ago

This was amazing!!! Great speed and strengthening, all while focusing on calmness and fluidity.

irefish 6 years ago

After this class my body feels totally renewed! I got to a point that I didn't think I could reach, with calm and quiet. The pace is moderate and the workout intense, it takes you in a meditative state. I will do this again soon!