Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners: Surya Namaskar A and B

Jeff Lichty
Instructor Jeff Lichty
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This is the second of Jeff Lichty's 3-part series that introduces the ashtanga yoga system to a beginner student. In this class, you will be learning surya namaskar a and b (sun salutation a and b), which together form the vinyasa flow of ashtanga yoga, along with a few of the basic asanas. Once you can move through these sequences, you can progress into learning the Fundamental Asanas, the Half Primary Series and Full Ashtanga Primary Series.

Equipment: None
Style: Ashtanga Yoga


Hajy 3 months ago

Love coming back to this class. Jeff is a great teacher, I highly recommend this class for those who are interested in this series. Thanks again Jeff!

jmart3977 5 months ago

As someone recovering from a back injury and now ready to ease gently back into Ashtanga, I really appreciated this class - the pacing, focus on fundamentals, and...humor! Thank you Jeff!

alexjb 11 months ago

good 40 minutes, moderate pace, sun salutations plus a few other poses.
I'd be tempted to call this beginner rather than intermediate, but that's subjective :-)

Melanie Lichtinger 2 years ago

Loved how Jeff offered a very clear, well paced foundational flow that challenged me in just the right way.
Back to breathing depth, lightness (no Darth Vader forcing lol) and coordination with movement.
Less is more - great quality, and Jeff's kindness shining through all along.

Jenavere 2 years ago

I am wanting to do all 3 classes, but only see 2, help.

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Hi there. I added a link in the description that takes you to the 3rd part, the Fundamental Asanas. There are also links to the Half and Full Primary Series.

Melekeda 2 years ago

can you tell me please on what moment namaskar B begins in this video? i have a very slow connection and i finished trying surya namaskar A last month, but now i cannot find the begining of B. and also im very tired to do A again... or you can split the videos, thank you if you answer me.


David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Hello there. Surya namaskar b begins at 11:05 so you can skip to that point if you'd like to begin there.

elivensparger 2 years ago

I really appreciated the detail and knowledge. Please make more with Jeff. I am really wanting to do Ashtanga yoga and this was very helpful. His pace was great and I loved how the accommodations were built right in.