Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners: Surya Namaskar A and B

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Jeff Lichty
Ashtanga Yoga
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This is the second of Jeff Lichty's 3-part series that introduces the ashtanga yoga system to a beginner student. In this class, you will be learning surya namaskar a and b (sun salutation a and b), which together form the vinyasa flow of ashtanga yoga, along with a few of the basic asanas. Once you can move through these sequences, you can progress into learning the fundamental asanas and the half and full ashtanga primary series.


Beginner to Ashtanga
NatalieNZ 1 month ago

Thank you, Jeff.
My personal goal is to one day be able to do the Lotus, breathe and “smile” while doing so!

xsanchez 2 months ago

This was my first time doing yoga ever and I just loved this man's energy and the way he breaks every detail down. Even when things got rough I still felt relaxed, it's definitely a favorite!!

Absolutely awesome class! One
wilmita 2 months ago

Absolutely awesome class! One of my favourites now

WOW! This is great...such a
Ktrirogoff 4 months ago

WOW! This is great...such a wonderful addition to the Do yoga with me page. Really like this teachers style, and flow. I finally get how to lift up my body to spring forward thanks to his cues. Look forward to more videos with him. This video is an amazing intro to Ashtanga.

LLove 4 months ago

In all of the 18 years that I've been practicing Yoga, I have been resistant to trying Ashtanga because I thought that it was only for people who are Yoga olympians. Never before have I seen an Ashtanga class presented with the word "Beginner" in it, and that word stirred me to try it. I love it! Though I have been practicing Yoga for many years, I still think of myself as a beginner because there are many of the advanced poses that I cannot do. Jeff's classes are accessible for even true beginners.