Ashtanga Yoga: Fundamental Asanas

Jeff Lichty
Instructor Jeff Lichty
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This is the 3rd in Jeff's 3-part series on ashtanga yoga for beginners. In this class, he takes you through a quicker version of surya namaskar a and b (sun salutations a and b), then through a sequence that teaches you the fundamental asanas (poses) in ashtanga yoga. Jeff's pacing and clear instruction allows this class to be accessible to anyone, regardless of your experience or level of practice.

Equipment: None
Style: Ashtanga Yoga


sng4ever 7 months ago

I like the routine of these practices and Jeff is a thorough teacher. Ashtanga is mehodical and tough for beginners however it is rewarding. Jeff is a great teacher!

ivyrose 11 months ago

Great practice! Ashtanga is my fav as it takes me back to the beginning of my yoga journey. Thank you! Would you happen to have a longer ashtanga flow?

Kelly Bouchard 10 months ago


Kelly here from DoYogawithMe. So sorry for the late reply. Luckily, the other member has pointed you in the right direction. Jeff has both a half primary series ( and a full primary series that is available to subscribers ( As an ashtanga practitioner myself, I can say that both of these are really great!

wayfarer 1 year ago

I really love how authentic and educational this three part series has been, I enjoyed doing them all, repeatedly, they build very nicely on one another. I really like Jeff's general vibe and how informative he is. I feel like a lot of yoga is diluted by western practices and these 3 classes feel very traditional and grounding. I hope that there will be more intermediate Ashtanga classes soon, just to add a bit of variety, because I'm definitely wearing this video out, by doing it over and over again. Alternatively can anyone advise me about when it is safe to try the advanced classes? How many times a day for how long should I practice the basic asanas taught in this series before moving on?

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi there. Thanks for the great feedback. We are currently looking to create videos that bridge the gap between the beginner ashtanga classes and the half and full primary series. Hoping to take it on in the new year (2019). The primary series is much more challenging than these beginner series so you would need to take classes at a studio before attempting them.

khuyentran1401 1 year ago

This practice is so awesome. Find many videos not challenging enough for me but this class is just enough. Love the flow. Hope to see more video from you soon.

Irishlove 1 year ago

Hello from Ireland, I was wondering if there will be any further Ashtanga practices on DYWM? Thank you very much for your time and this site in advance. (I am a subscriber by the way, I wouldn't be without it!) Namaste. ॐ

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi there. Glad you're enjoying Jeff's ashtanga classes. Yes, we do plan to film with him more but nothing has been scheduled yet.

Irishlove 1 year ago

Thank you very much for this partial Ashtanga practice. It's challenging enough for the transition between advanced beginner to intermediate, working the core through the legs. I will definitely incorporate this into my daily practices. Namaste from Ireland.