Ashtanga Yoga: Fundamental Asanas

Intermediate II

This is the 3rd in Jeff's 3-part series on ashtanga yoga for beginners. In this class, he takes you through a quicker version of surya namaskar a and b (sun salutations a and b), then through a sequence that teaches you the fundamental asanas (poses) in ashtanga yoga. Jeff's pacing and clear instruction allows this class to be accessible to anyone, regardless of your experience or level of practice.



Existing Comments

June 19, 2020

Really useful class, I come back to this all the time often I just do the first 13 minutes or so (the sun salutation sequence) as it's really good to have the counting and structure for this warm-up, before doing another class or my own thing.

March 24, 2020

My first try out with DoYogaWithMe and it was AWESOME! Great class!!!!

June 21, 2019

I like the routine of these practices and Jeff is a thorough teacher. Ashtanga is mehodical and tough for beginners however it is rewarding. Jeff is a great teacher!

February 4, 2019

Great practice! Ashtanga is my fav as it takes me back to the beginning of my yoga journey. Thank you! Would you happen to have a longer ashtanga flow?

Kelly Bouchard
March 6, 2019


Kelly here from DoYogawithMe. So sorry for the late reply. Luckily, the other member has pointed you in the right direction. Jeff has both a half primary series ( and a full primary series that is available to subscribers ( As an ashtanga practitioner myself, I can say that both of these are really great!

November 27, 2018

I really love how authentic and educational this three part series has been, I enjoyed doing them all, repeatedly, they build very nicely on one another. I really like Jeff's general vibe and how informative he is. I feel like a lot of yoga is diluted by western practices and these 3 classes feel very traditional and grounding. I hope that there will be more intermediate Ashtanga classes soon, just to add a bit of variety, because I'm definitely wearing this video out, by doing it over and over again. Alternatively can anyone advise me about when it is safe to try the advanced classes? How many times a day for how long should I practice the basic asanas taught in this series before moving on?

David Procyshyn
November 28, 2018

Hi there. Thanks for the great feedback. We are currently looking to create videos that bridge the gap between the beginner ashtanga classes and the half and full primary series. Hoping to take it on in the new year (2019). The primary series is much more challenging than these beginner series so you would need to take classes at a studio before attempting them.

September 18, 2018

This practice is so awesome. Find many videos not challenging enough for me but this class is just enough. Love the flow. Hope to see more video from you soon.

June 14, 2018

Hello from Ireland, I was wondering if there will be any further Ashtanga practices on DYWM? Thank you very much for your time and this site in advance. (I am a subscriber by the way, I wouldn't be without it!) Namaste. ॐ

May 6, 2018

Thank you very much for this partial Ashtanga practice. It's challenging enough for the transition between advanced beginner to intermediate, working the core through the legs. I will definitely incorporate this into my daily practices. Namaste from Ireland.

April 3, 2018

This is a great quick workout! The pacing is wonderful and what a good teacher. A good solid intermediate class!

Marina S
March 31, 2018

This is the first class I've tried with Jeff -- I have some familiarity with Ashtanga, and having done a lot of other power/vinyasa classes on DYWM, it wasn't a stretch to do this one straight away. Great pace. Jeff does the full variation of some poses, but I didn't feel the pressure to get there (full lotus, "levitate" for 10 breaths, then jump back to plank -- absolutely not there yet!) It was nice to see how far one can go, though ; I feel it helps me set goals and to try my best to attain them with practice. I also very much appreciated Jeff's gentle, calm coaching voice, and the counting was such a great reminder to keep my breath steady. I will keep this class in my regular rotation for sure! Thank you so much Jeff.

tiffany healy
February 18, 2018

Great, authentic style. Love the classes taught by this teacher. Mahalo nui loa for keeping the practice real!

To the rest of the folks who find this class or style challenging, the instructor does clearly state to pause the video and/or to go back to earlier sessions, rather than to become overwhelmed. Like allgood things, Ashtanga yoga takes time, patience with self and a warm space is always nice, even for those of us from Hawai'i.

January 27, 2018

I'm fairly new to ashtanga yoga and this was the perfect intro class to get familiar with the more common poses. I'm looking forward to trying the more advanced classes in this series!

January 26, 2018

I appreciate how clear and systematic this series has been. The emphasis on breath, reinforcement of fundamentals, and the delineating how one advances through the asanas are all compelling. Jeff is an excellent instructor. I could imagine an N-part series along the same lines. I'm willing to bet a lot of time-strapped folks including myself would gravitate toward such a thing ;)

DYWM is doing an amazing service. Many thanks.

Melanie Lichtinger
January 14, 2018

Good to see - and do - an alternative in the classic Ashtanga style here at DYWM with Jeff.
Great teacher and very clear, yet this one was definitely an Intermediate (and even as such would be good to have an alert to do the building up classes first for alternative poses).
So yes, I vote also for re-classifying it (was it added under Mercury retro (Dec 2 - 22)? Ha-ha...
Thanks for bringing Jeff on board, DYWM team, looking forward to more classes with him.

January 11, 2018

Yea! I'm excited to see Ashtanga instruction here. I tried some prep classes several years ago, and I love it, but it's hard to maintain the discipline and learn all the poses when you can't attend every day.

Because it's about the flow, I love that the instruction has been separated from the practice class. This class will be a regular go to in the future, and I'm glad I won't be frustrated by the flow getting interrupted with instructions.

I regularly do 30-minute intermediate classes from Fiji and Tracey, and this class is more like an intermediate because the pace is challenging. That pace is why I'll love the class for a while, but it is faster than other beginner flow classes on DYWM.

If you are starting here, definitely do Jeff Lichty's into classes a couple of times first so you can understand the poses and the modifications. Then watch this all the way through at least once. You need to have your modifications in mind and blocks in place before you start this class.

Overall, very excited to have this resource!

Molly Anand
January 7, 2018

Thanks Jeff for this lovely class. I've done it 5 or 6 times now as it helps me to connect to my breath and leaves me with a deep sense of calmness. I find your teaching style humble and encouraging. Thanks agin.

January 3, 2018

This is not a beginner's class! Full Lotus? Seriously? Thought this guy was a show off, and did not explain postures well at all. No modifications. Turned it off after the lotus thing.

David Procyshyn
January 3, 2018

Thanks for the feedback. It's considered beginner because for each challenging pose, Jeff gives one or more easier modifications. For lotus, he takes you through a number of options before going into full lotus, making it accessible to all levels.

January 3, 2018

Thank you so much Jeff! It was great, loved it!

January 1, 2018

Wonderful flow, thank you for sharing.

December 29, 2017

This is such a lovely video, so humbly presented. Thank you Jeff for this peaceful flow.

December 24, 2017

I really enjoyed the video, but I had to watch it twice. The speed was fine, but sometimes I'd get confused about what was happening because he was using the names of poses without really describing them (which is tough for beginners who don't know names well yet). I ended up having to stop and look at him instead of just flowing through the poses, but once I got them, it was great, and the series is definitely something I will do again.

David Procyshyn
January 3, 2018

Yes, good point. The approach of an ashtanga teacher can feel quite different, due to the emphasis on the sanskrit pose names and the quicker sequencing. I'm glad you got it in the end!