The Art of Nine

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Tracey's 'The Art of Nine' is a dedication to the practice of surrendering. It is a powerful flow that repeats, taking you in and out of prostration, nine times. It's a yoga practice that is designed to help you move out of the looping of your thoughts, the automatic patterns of your behavior, with an intent to change them. The deep bow,or prostration, is called Danda Pranam and you can do it anywhere and at any time of the day.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga


mexitalian 1 month ago

A new favourite, such an excellent compliment to my morning seated meditation.
Didn't realise how much of a difference postration would make to my inner feeling.
Wonderful moving meditation, thank you Tracey. Namaste.

sng4ever 3 months ago

I could play this over and overagain.
Clearsmy mind.

Manjusri 6 months ago

I practise this one regularly, sometimes before or after a shorter practice, other times as a break from my desk when my head needs emptying and my body needs some rhythm and stretch. It's a gem. ( This morning I combined with Love, Love, Love flow...gorgeous). Thank you so much.

Druidcat497 6 months ago

I was not in a good place this morning and did not want to continue my day in such a negative space. This short, yet effective, practice helped immensely. I am feeling more grounded and content. Things happen beyond our control but we do not need to allow them to control us. This broke the control and gave it back to me. Thank you, Tracey!

ama1031 6 months ago

The sound of Tracey's voice is so peaceful and safe. I have done this practice a few time and simply adore the peacefulness of it. The flow is perfect. The guidance makes it so you can pretty much do the class with your eyes close, it brings you in, helps to ground and center. I feel like a big giant hug is taking place while doing the practice. Thank you, Tracey, Namaste.

pippalotta 6 months ago

Spent the first 3 rounds hating this, contemplating switching to another class...and then the magic kicked in. I closed my eyes and did the rest of the routine in darkness, just listening to Tracey's voice and my breath. I now feel strange and relaxed. Very glad I stuck around for the whole thing.

LaGuiri 7 months ago

One of my weaknesses practicing yoga is an all-or-nothing mentality. "I'm not going to do a video because the baby will wake up from his nap and if he interrupts me I'll be in a worse mood". These short, energetic videos can't be the basis of a daily practice, but they are a lifesaver when I'm procrastinating. Thanks!

Solacvert 8 months ago

I have been dealing with a lot of physical pain lately and can only do gentle yoga. This class really does help you focus and get to a place where you forget all of your ailments and just flow with the movement. Wow, unexpected.

hopkins 9 months ago

I am a competitive runner for the last 25 years and have enjoyed lacing up my sneakers and just going for long runs then coming home and unwinding with a yoga session. However, after my mother had passed away in September of this year, at the young age of 69, I found it so hard to even want to do anything physical, including running or yoga. The thought of being alone in my own mind either running or even mediating was scary and depressing. When I found this short video i was so hesitant to try it, as i usually practice anywhere from 20min to 60 min yoga sessions daily. Once I did this session once I found my inner peace again! The repetition and ease of the flow in this practice took my mind to a place where I could just be at peace. Tracey's calm, serene voice makes this short flow so powerful. I now find myself repeating this practice every day for the last month and a half, as part of my self healing . Thank you Tracey for helping me through such a difficult time in my life. I love all of your videos, flows and words of wisdom. Namaste!

Tracey Noseworthy 9 months ago

Hi, thank-you so much for taking the time to share your experience. I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother, I know loss can be paralyzing on many levels for us. Turning back to yoga is the best gift we can give ourselves to re-build the connections with Self. This particular practice of offering 9 rounds of moving mediation has been magical for me as well. It teaches us many things, and gives us significant space to slow down, anchor in and settle into the "being" quality of ourselves. I am so happy you practice it everyday, and find the inner peace that it delivers. Stay in your flow, and maybe one day our paths will cross on a yoga mat.
With love and light, Tracey