The Art of Nine

The Art of Nine

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Tracey's 'The Art of Nine' is a dedication to the practice of surrendering. It is a powerful flow that repeats, taking you in and out of prostration, nine times. It's a yoga practice that is designed to help you move out of the looping of your thoughts, the automatic patterns of your behavior, with an intent to change them. The deep bow,or prostration, is called Danda Pranam and you can do it anywhere and at any time of the day.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga


Soucy 5 days ago

A sweet way to start the day. This took me from “out of sorts” to balanced and peaceful.

Perfect start of the day!
Ninakachina 5 days ago

Thank you for this energizing, quick morning flow.

katielee23 5 days ago

Thank you, Tracey. Love this. Starting the day with a lovely quiet mind.

This was a bit of a
shelleyscribble 6 days ago

This was a bit of a revelation. My body really enjoyed the repetitive flow and my mind did indeed go quiet. :)

Gemcrazy 6 days ago

Beautiful release for me in this practice. Although it was my first time for this practice, I noticed about half way through that my eyes had already been closed for a while and remained that way until the end, when I stood peacefully in mountain pose for some extra minutes. Prostration felt so cleansing. Thank you, Tracy. This at the top of my go to list for reentering. Love all your power classes.

Balance & Peace

...exuding from the beautiful setting by the log by the calm ocean...
...and being generated by the simple, calm, and consistent practice with Tracey.