Absolute Beginner Series: Meditation for Body Connection

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Instructor Helen Camisa
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This class offers you the chance to simply be still. Take a few minutes to get grounded and connected to your big beautiful bod. This class can be done as a stand-alone session, or you can follow it with Absolute Beginner Series: From Sitting to Standing (to be posted February 7th).

Equipment: Bolster
Style: Gentle Yoga, Guided Meditation, Plus Size Yoga


First timer
Aprilsunshine82 3 days ago

This was my first time ever doing yoga and I found such a calmness afterwards. Thank you soo much for sharing and I look forward to following more of your videos!

You are welcome!
Helen Camisa 3 days ago

Your first time doing yoga!!!! YAY! I'm so glad you find this meditation. It will get you off on the right foot and in the right state of mind. Keep us posted on how your practice is going, and thank you for taking the time to practice with me. :)

Jane Johnson 1 week ago

Such a lovely way to find a sense of grounding. Thank you for making and sharing this practice.

You're Welcome!
Helen Camisa 3 days ago

My pleasure! I'm so glad it helped you to feel grounded. We need that, especially when life gets a little crazy as it inevitably does. Thank you for taking the time to comment! :)

Amazing meditation
Caitlin Stewart 1 week ago

This was a soothing, positive meditation that reminded me of the importance of being good to my body. I look forward to revisiting this video again. Thank you!!

Thank you!
Helen Camisa 1 week ago

I'm so glad you liked it and you will be visiting it again...and again and again :) Enjoy!

Thank you!
Helen Camisa 2 weeks ago

What a lovely comment! Thank you for this and I'm so glad that this meditation resonated with you.