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Chakra Flow

Intermediate II

Fiji's skillful guidance as a teacher and knowledge of the chakra system come to life in this unique class that focuses on the seven chakras. She moves you through poses that help align each individual chakra, moving up the spine from the root (muladhara) chakra to the crown (Sahasrara) chakra. Fiji transitions seamlessly from one to the next, guiding you into poses that open each chakra, along with sharing each chakra's individual characteristics.

  • Relaxing Yoga
  • Vigorous Yoga
  • Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Existing Comments

September 9, 2022

what an amazing practice...
Fiji - you are great, thank you for your accurate and jentle guidance, and for your deep mind-budy connection that can be felt through the screen.

September 6, 2022

An "oldie but goodie."
IMO, more meditation than flow, but there are a few vinyasas and I broke a sweat when increasing the energy of the 3rd chakra.
Definitely the type of practice that I appreciate more and more the longer I practice yoga. (I remember doing this several years ago and having only the faintest awareness of a couple of the chakras - today I connected with all of them, enough to notice low/disconnected energy in the 1st chakra. A metaphysical millimeter miracle!)