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Saved For Later

Saved For Later

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  • A great "subtle body" practice for when you're a little sore (i.e: in the morning) but also looking for some strengthening. Featuring revolved half moon and some great heart and hip openings. Not at all too slow, enough challenge

  • Lots of twists (from half splits and half moon) and standing balances. Puts you in a meditative state.

  • Wonderful short practice! Playing with dolphin and firefly.

  • Lovely and challenging - warmup with vinyasas, pigeon, twisted monkey, pigeon, flying pigeon, deep cool-down.

  • Great practice with forearm and hand stand, crow, flying pigeon, and more! Slow, powerful movements.

  • VERY cleansing and nourishing class. Lots of twists and hip work, deep forward folds and IT band focused stretches. Creative transitions and new poses.

  • Soo deep and strong and cleansing

  • EXCELLENT! lots of variety, slow burn, calming voice. classic fiji style.

  • Great combination of stretch and strength. Deep twists, deep hip openers, bowing to the ground (one leg forearm side crow)

  • Well rounded and very relaxing. Sequence is unconventional and she leads you through it so that you're not thinking too much about the next move. Good for a day when you don't feel like doing yoga ;)

  • Wonderful! Challenging, fast-paced, creative sequencing, strengthening. revolved half moon, some floor arm balances, handstand prep. You are working the whole time, not a lot of stretching or relaxation until the end.

  • Lovely short practice for getting some deep twists and standing splits as well as strengthening poses

  • Great quick practice - vigorous strength and stretch

  • Challenging, humbling, fun, good progression

  • GREAT practice for long holds, lots of burning sensations in the legs and core (shaking for joy!)

  • Wonderful short practice with unconventional sequence - third warrior, standing and floor flow, camel, bridge...