Float On Your Hands

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
Average: 4.9 (75 votes)
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This short class teaches you to prepare for, and move into, an arm balance in a way that feels light and stable. Tracey begins with a slow, strong flow, building shoulder strength and finishing with crow pose and a well-deserved sivasana.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


krubistuben 2 years ago

This was such a good video! I watched it all the way through before I tried it, and Tracey moves into crow pose so quickly and without hesitation, I actually missed it the first time. When I went through and did the lesson, I found the build-up to the pose so natural, that the next thing I knew, I was in crow pose for the first time without fear! Thank you, Tracey, for a quick, amazing class.

Marieseville 2 years ago

This was a perfect practice after an intense body combat cardio workout. I was already warm and supple so this made me feel long strong and totally blissed out!
Thank you Tracey, I love your classes.

Pam Palmer 3 years ago

Thank you Stacey for bringing me back to me. Yoga is a lifelong journey.

Rubia 3 years ago

Love your class Tracey! Thank you very much!!!

juneonthemoon 4 years ago

great pace, clearly focused, quick, and energizing. loved this as a quickie while my boys were napping. thank you. i'm feeling centered and reset.

badlandsyoga 4 years ago

Thanks Tracy - great pace, balance and tone for a short and effective practice. Namaste _/|\_

jlangevin237 4 years ago

I wanted to thank Tracey for such a beautifully guided class. After I injured my knee I couldn't do my daily practice. I am finally feeling strong enough to do a short class. This was exactly what I was longing for! Namaste.

cm1951 4 years ago

Finally able to do a crows pose....Thanks Tracy