Anxiety: A Learning Series with David Procyshyn

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Anxiety: A Learning Series with David Procyshyn

This special series with David is a collection of ten videos exploring how to accept and manage your anxiety. The first video, a conversation between David and the DYWM videographer, Jeff, can be viewed now (see below).

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To get more context on David's approach, check out his Introduction to the Learning Series, his article How Mindfulness Helped Me Let Go of My Chronic Anxiety and his 21-Day Let Go of Anxiety and Fear Program.

Program Introduction

Session 1:

An Open Dialogue about Accepting Anxiety

Duration: 21:24


David and Jeff sit down and have a honest conversation about their experiences with anxiety and how sharing, connecting with and accepting your anxiety are fundamental steps in the journey to overcoming this debilitating mental condition.

Session 2: 

What Does The Energy In Your Body Teach You About Anxiety?

Duration: 8:27


If you are serious about letting go of your chronic anxiety, one important step is to look inward. Among the many aspects that you can tune into is the activity in your nervous system, or the energy in your body. In this video, David teaches you how you can tune into that feeling within you no matter what you're doing, and learn to turn down the intensity of the activity within you, which feels out-of-control and overwhelming to so many of us.

Session 3: 

Anxiety: What Role Does the Nervous System Play?

Duration: 10:16


In this video, David helps you feel the effect of the nervous system on your life, and how it can lead to chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Understanding what the nervous system is doing when you get anxious helps you learn how to let go of its grip on your life. David finished by teaching you a simple practice that can be used anytime, anywhere, to help reduce the overwhelming effect of anxiety on your life.

Session 4: 

Why Do We Call It Anxiety?

Duration: 8:43


Have you ever asked yourself why the word anxiety exists and what exactly it is? It may seem like a silly question, but who's to know that everyone living with anxiety is experiencing something similar? If that's a possibility, than does the label even help? If it does, how? How is it serving you and how is it preventing you from letting go of it? Join David in this video to explore these important questions.

Session 5: 

An Effective Daily Approach to Chronic Anxiety

Duration: 10:45

We will never be able to let go of anxiety's grip if we can't understand the role we play to keep it there and empower it. It may contradict everything you believe about the anxiety and panic that you feel, but every single thought you have is affecting it. How can we take a look at the way we live our lives on a daily basis, with the intention to understand how we reinforce the anxiety and, in turn, how we can let it go. 

Session 6: 

Will I Be Anxious Forever?

Duration: 7:04


Join David as he asks the candid question 'Will I be anxious forever?'. Many of those who experience chronic anxiety have lived with it as a constant part of their lives for so long that it can seem like it will never go away, like they can't imagine what life would be like without it. Curiosity and thoughtful exploration can trigger and sustain a shift away from chronic anxiety, creating epiphanies and moments of clarity.  

Session 7: 

Anxiety and Why Doing Nothing Can Help

Duration: 9:12


In order to decrease their anxiety, many believe that they need to keep 'working at it'. In this video, David teaches you why it's more nuanced than that. Learning about your chronic anxiety requires a simple, careful, thoughtful approach. 

Session 8: 

Pranayama for Anxiety I

Duration: 8:23


The busy mind that often accompanies chronic anxiety can make it difficult to meditate or calm your nervous system. In this short class, David shows you how you can use gentle pranayama to more effectively transition into a meditation practice.

Session 9: 

Pranayama for Anxiety II

Duration: 10:28


In this video on chronic anxiety, David teaches you to use what you learned in Pranayama for Anxiety I to calm the nervous system using pranayama and meditation. With practice, you can use this simple technique on your own to gradually release the grip that anxiety has on you.

Session 10: 

Pranayama for Anxiety III

Duration: 8:55


In David's third video on pranayama and chronic anxiety, he teaches you to use what you learned in Pranayama for Anxiety II to activate the nervous system, injecting your body and mind with energy and vitality and helping you focus more easily. A chronic state of anxiety can make you feel sluggish, so this technique is a powerful way to shift that heavy, exhausted feeling into something lighter and brighter.


In Conclusion

Congratulations! If you would like to learn more about David's approach to anxiety and depression, check out his other anxiety videos on the Topics page and have a look at his 21-Day Program, Let Go of Anxiety and Fear (the first two days are free). If you would like to join an ongoing discussion on anxiety in our Forum, check out Learn How to Live with Anxiety



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