Yoga for Runners: A Stretch Class for the IT Band

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This class is designed specifically to prevent or help heal chronic IT band tightness. It takes a holistic approach, releasing all of the muscles that play a role in IT Band Syndrome. This is a common issue for those that do a lot of running and will provide you with some relief.

If you want more classes specific to running recovery you can try Fiji's Post-Run yoga class or her Injury Prevention class

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Back Care


Staceyo 1 year ago

Love this video. Worked all the muscles that are too tight. Relief at last!

TahoeInMe 2 years ago

LOOK at all the powder we're getting this winter in the Sierra's...Stay limber for skiing, GREAT CLASS DAVID!!! Your "IT Band" stretches rock.

clacaresse 2 years ago

Nice stretches. It would be good in equipment to list a wall as I had to move several times from my usual open space spot.

NicRoy 3 years ago

that ws so good! loved it! i will incorporate this series into my daily life. thank you.

Melanie Lichtinger 4 years ago

Another excellent class - exactly the stretched I needed (and some I didn't even know I needed). Great what one can do with simple props. Love the calm and clear and style you teach, David. And the spectrum you cover, with a variety of classes.
Nice indoor atmosphere in this one too (for a change, and goes with the season now in early Dec), and the piano background is just right for the stretches. Beautiful Gesamtkunstwerk!

cirvine06 4 years ago

This was great! I have a question: the muscles in my right leg were shaking a bit when I was doing the last sequence of stretches in this video. I have minor scoliosis which causes a lot of tension and soreness on the right side of my body. Is it a good sign that my muscles were shaking, or a sign that I need to lighten the stretch? I didn't feel any pain.

Anniepooh63 4 years ago

Hi David! Thank you for this lovely video and yoga sequence. I've just started your 6 week yoga for beginners since I am SO tight!! Gaining some flexibility, strength, and new stretching routines will be great!

I've had very tight hips for a while (long time runner here) with some pain in my one of my glutes (deep in there) and notice that when you ask us to engage our glutes at the beginning my weak glute is difficult to keep engaged compared to my other side. Tips? Lastly, when we are using the strap at the end to stretch the IT band my legs gets incredibly wobbly/shaky. Is this normal? Do I need to not go as deep? I tried to lessen the stretch but my legs continued to tremble anyway. Thank you!!

squeakypizza 4 years ago

I used the chair from the stretch earlier in the video to help me reach a more upright position in the wall quad stretch without toppling over (as I would have done if I held my other quad to hold me up). I look forward to getting back to my old ROM in my legs with this video, great video!!!!

rainyskies 4 years ago

I've used this after a run twice now, and I have to say: this is the most useful tool I've ever, EVER come across!! I don't know what it is about you, David, but your gentle delivery/voice makes an otherwise unbearable hip stretch so pleasant. I have an extremely tight left side, all the way through my toes to my shoulder and everything in between... but my hip, ohhh my hip!! I had a right ankle injury half a year ago and ever since then, my left hip always seems to be working OT, but this really helps balance me out. Thank you so much!