Yoga for Runners: A Stretch Class for the IT Band

David Procyshyn
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This Yoga for Runners class is designed specifically to prevent or help heal chronic IT band tightness. It takes a holistic approach, releasing all of the muscles that play a role in IT Band Syndrome.


Stretch Class for Running
David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Yes, this class is good both for recovery and to prepare for a run. If you do it before you run, you may want to warm up your body a bit first, with some jumping jacks or running on the spot. Then pay attention to how your body feels during the run.

cramp in hamstring
robanyel 3 years ago

When doing the kneeling quad stretch I keep getting a pain/cramp in my hamstring. Am I not doing the stretch correctly or is there something I can do to alleviate that cramp.

It just means that your
David Procyshyn 2 years ago

It just means that your hamstring is weak, which is common with tight hip flexors. You can start doing strengthening exercises for the hamstrings to improve this.

Take care,

DoYogaWithMe Founder

Issues with Quad Stretch
Gemgrrrl 3 years ago

Great video! I can really tell how much I need this video when doing these stretches.

I have a question about the quad stretch. At ~16:06, when placing the leg in front, I can't get my leg out in front of me without feeling pain in my quadriceps on the leg that is against the wall. I think I'm just not flexible enough there, and the stretch feels too deep. Can anyone suggest a modification that will allow me to do this stretch until I'm flexible enough?

Thank you!

Quadricep stretch against the wall
David Procyshyn 3 years ago

Hi Gemgrrrl.

Are you able to keep your front knee down, put the back leg up the wall and feel the stretch? That could be a good starting point, as long as you are relatively comfortable in that position.

Take care,

David Founder

ALSB73 3 years ago

This video and the video for lower back are totally amazing. Picked up some new asanas which I'm hoping will really help with my running given I have a tendency towards frequent injury. Fabulous instruction and not rushed!

runners and cyclists!
machine 4 years ago

Great stretching video David. Particularly like the tip of wrapping belt around inner outer ankles and how it changes deepens the stretch. Dywm just keeps getting better!

Nice, slow, well thought out program
wittymoose 4 years ago

I found some new stretches in this yoga video, David is so gentle and thorough with his explanations. I will add this one to my "to do" list. I am a runner and have super tight hamstrings, but found that my quads need help too! I am not yet feeling all of it in my IT bands due to my hamstrings being so tight, so I'll stick with it and hopefully gain some flexibility and less issues with IT band syndrome. Thank you David!

Kaoya 4 years ago

Hello David !

Thanks for helping me back in August! I wanted to give you some update :-)
Your advice worked well, the discrepancy between left and right is still there, but much narrower, getting better and better.

As far as my IT band issues are concerned, I've noticed that I can run unbothered as long as I'm diligent and consistent with my yoga practice (that is, 3-4 times/week)

So... Thank you so much !! DYWM has really helped me a lot in staying injury-free, relaxed and sane (I'm writing my master's thesis and it drives me crazy), particularly as a student on a very tight budget!

I also wanted to let you know that DYWM is becoming famous in France and Belgium ! :-D
I spread the word on the forums of Madmoizelle ( ), a great French online magazine, and everyone was so thrilled and enthusiastic !

Thank you for all the great work !