Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Jennifer Piercy
Instructor Jennifer Piercy
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Jennifer Piercy takes you through a beautifully guided Yoga Nidra for Sleep meditation. Her deeply calming voice penetrates into your very soul, instilling a sense of internal peace and leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed, present and rejuvenated. Try Jennifer's two other albums: Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Piercy and Yoga Nidra: Sleep Sessions.


Meditation Type: Yoga Nidra


Stitcherkjb 1 day ago

Your voice is very similar to the yoga teacher at the veterans center. It has been one of the most effective tools to allow me to put insomnia in a box for a night. I have rarely heard the whole meditation. I am so very grateful that you have used your voice for such a gift. Thank you.

mally121212 1 year ago

Jennifers yoga nidra for sleep is as close to perfection as anything I have heard. Thanks so much for this contribution - it is indeed a friend

Ric 2 years ago

Jen has a true gift of being able to reach me where not many teachers cannot. Your voice and inner path you weave can help me get to a release point where I feel the restful effects slowly take the place of untidy thoughts. Many thanks.

Leon1972 2 years ago

Came across this by accident searching for sleep music as I work nights and have trouble staying asleep, felt the difference after the first go, brilliant thank you.

Theresa C. 2 years ago

I am FAMOUSLY awful at meditation of any kind. Instead feeling relaxed, I get bored and stressed out wondering how much longer before it's over. This was recommended to me by my psychologist to help with severe anxiety during cancer treatment. I was incredibly relaxed by the end of the recording and went on to do one of the cancer meditations. I fell into best, most satisfying sleep I've had in a very long time. THANK YOU!

kimberly thompson 3 years ago

Hi there,
I work in the field of Addiction recovery and would like to use the script during our next session. Am I able to print the script off somewhere?

Thank you,

jenniferpiercy 3 years ago

Hi Kimberly,

I'd love to hear more about your interest in using my Yoga Nidra for Sleep script in your work with addictions and recovery. I have a package of scripts as well as individual scripts available - happy to arrange something for you. You can reach me at

Warmly, ~ Jennifer

Ute White 3 years ago

I am finally able to sleep through the night and more than once I woke up and felt not tired and groggy. I have recommended it to a co-worker and she said it worked for her as well (after months of only getting a minimal amount of sleep due to major stress).