Yoga Nidra for Sleep

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Yoga Nidra

Jennifer Piercy takes you through a beautifully guided Yoga Nidra for Sleep meditation. Her deeply calming voice penetrates into your very soul, instilling a sense of internal peace and leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed, present and rejuvenated.
Try Jennifer's two guided meditation albums: Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Piercy and Yoga Nidra: Sleep Sessions.
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Yoga for Nidra
David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. Our meditations are set up on albums, so they naturally play through to the next track. I'll look into whether this can be changed, though. If not, the track only costs a few dollars if you want to download it - then you have control over it on your own device.

Take care,

David Founder

Please let it stop after Yoga Nidra
Nate 2 years ago

It's a fantastic way to fall asleep but it drives me nuts that I have to get up and stop the next track from automatically playing. Please fix it back to the way it was!

problem fixed
Paul 2 years ago

The next track no longer automatically plays. Should be fine now.

Leanne Williams 2 years ago

The next meditation on the list is crowding over the end of Jennifers' , it wakes me up when I hear the unexpected male voice. There is no silence between! Please let me know if I can fix. Thanks.

the unexpected male voice
bebe 2 years ago

Leanne, I hear that male voice too, and it's really disturbing, I find. I know we're the only ones who seem bothered by it, but it's just that it's SUCH a good yoga nidra - the voice is great (some are so GRATING!)and the pace, and everything about it. I'm writing this in the hope that Jennifer may realise it's not just YOU and maybe be able to do something about it. I lie there almost anticipating that sudden male voice, and feel I have to be 'on alert' for it ..or at least so that I can turn the sound off before he arrives, and that spoils the whole thing - I want to be able to drift off to sleep. Apart from that, this is the best yoga nidra tape I have so far come across, for me.Just the right length, too. Best wishes, B.

problem fixed
Paul 2 years ago

The issue with the audio track advancing automatically to another track has been fixed. You should only experience glorious silence now when the track is finished. :)

DoYogaWithMe Staff

What a fantastic way to find sleep
TheresaH 3 years ago

This is so good, I rarely get to listen to the entire track, because I fall asleep. Great for a weary or stressed out body. Thank you Jennifer!

thank you!!
gquilts 3 years ago

I can't say I've ever heard the whole program. Something that can actually quiet down my squirrelly mind so I can sleep. I recommend this to everyone where sleep os a topic of conversation. Major thank you from me!!!

Really works!
btm013 3 years ago

I fell into such a deep sleep, I didn't move or wake up until the next morning. I felt calm and rested the next day. I sometimes have trouble settling my mind before bed and wake up anxious. This knocked me right out. I'm about to listen to it again right now! I highly recommend it. Thanks for such a great website.