Yoga Nidra: Sleep Sessions

Jennifer Piercy
Instructor Jennifer Piercy
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There is no better purpose for a guided meditation series than to help the world sleep better. And you will find it difficult to find someone who is more skilled at this than Jennifer Piercy. Her mesmerizing voice and careful guidance will help you let go, relax and experience a deep inner peace that will be the prelude to a restful night of sleep.

Meditation Type: Yoga Nidra


marysia 1 year ago

These sessions have helped me fall asleep more times than I would like to remember. Thank you for helping me find peace when I need it the most.

Nuv 2 years ago

I feel expansive, at peace with the universe. Thank you!

jduffy8 3 years ago

Really helps me fall asleep. Helps clear the monkey brain! Thank you!

mntmadre 3 years ago

I use each night now and it enlightening and relaxing all at once. Thank you