Yoga for Headaches and Migraines

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Fiji leads you through a short, gentle, and meditative practice, visiting key poses to relieve tension that can lead to headaches or migraines. Let yourself be soothed by the gentle movements, breath, and peaceful setting. This calming practice is suitable for all levels.

Equipment: Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety Stress


Jewels1 1 week ago

Thanks Fijii, loved the flowers and the beautiful open area. I did this class with a tension headache and definitely feel better, both psychologically and physically.
Your calm voice and the quiet pace were soothing.

You saved my evening!

SmileMore 5 months ago

I love this class! It's my go-to when I have any type of headache. And while it may not take away all the pain, it always makes me feel better. Thanks, Fiji and David, for adding this class -- I'd love to see more that focus on headache relief. Many thanks!

hanagalp 12 months ago

Thank you. While doing it I realized that most of these movements I was doing intuitively. The bridge pose wasn't good for me, but the rest was good. Would love more and longer.

Archana 12 months ago

Mid last year, after back to back migraine episodes, I made a request to David and Fiji for a session to help with migraine. I didn't realize until today that you had made one and put it on the website. Thank you so much. Hope you both know how much this means!

Fiji McAlpine 11 months ago

I am so happy to hear that this has been helpful for you! I love class suggestions, all we want is to film classes that our yoga family will love!


ama1031 1 year ago

Thank you for this quick and simple class. I was not sure it would help ease my headache and it totally did. I love Fiji, the woods that you were in were breathtaking, thank you for sharing it with us.

LouiseF 1 year ago

This really helped, will be returning time this again and again, ready to hit the pause button so I can stay longer in the poses that feel the most beneficial. Thank you xxx

JadePeace 1 year ago

Not only did this class soothe my head physically, it soothed my mind. I can now start my busy day calm and collected. Thank you Fiji and DYWM.

Druidcat497 1 year ago

This also helps to relieve the sinus pressure before it becomes a sinus headache. Wonderful!

Soucy 1 year ago

Perfect start to a usually stressful first day of school. My 27th year working in a high school is going to be the best because of this start to my day. Thanks