Yin/Yang Yoga On Your Feet

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Satiya Channer
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This wonderful, oceanside class is a yang-infused yin practice with a focus on standing postures, stability and grounded connection. The lapping sound of the tide on the rocks fits well with Satiya's calm energy and voice, as she guides you (without a yoga mat!) through a deeply fulfilling flow that releases tension in the legs, shoulders, hips and lower back.


Thank you!
paznut7 4 months ago

Thank you so much Satiya! This class was wonderful. It was really lovely to explore the yang in the yin during the standing poses especially.

Very Shaky I Was
Ravena Rejc 8 months ago

This was an awesome class, I was very shaky through the process however and had to do modified positions through most of the middle, especially with the Warrior transitions. Satiya was amazing with depicting how it was to be done and how to do the modified version. It was a great class and I look forward to challenging myself with this class again and again.

Running day off rebalance
nipper 8 months ago

Running day off rebalance with Satiya-just perfect. Great cues and encouragement and long stretches to shoulders, back, sacrum, hip flexors, hamstrings and calves. Thank you!

It was certainly challenging.
AmberLove 11 months ago

It was certainly challenging. My legs were shaking. But I felt so much more loose and relaxed by the time I was done.

Thanks and I feel great!
Cheleicare 1 year ago

It was great to help me focused with the infusion of yang postures, and the teacher reminded every details.

Aligning and opening
gabzjim 1 year ago

With great cues I was able to align my posture and find space in my hips that I had never felt before. Thanks Satiya. Looking forward to more classes!

Strength in stillness
Katharina K. 1 year ago

What a wonderful mindful practise, thank you Satiya! I really enjoyed this class and will be coming back to it.

Holy Cow!
Stargirl45 1 year ago

I have not done one of Satiya's classes before and that was just fantastic! Challenging but completely relaxing! I will do definitely do this one again. Thank you Satiya, your voice is so grounding and authentic.

I love seeing new classes
shellycombs 1 year ago

I love seeing new classes from Satiya... This one did not disappoint. What a fabulous class.. I feel so very centered. Love how easy it is to find stillness in Satiya's teaching and direction.