Yin/Yang Yoga for the Shoulders and Upper Back

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Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga
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Class Description: 
The yin comes before the yang in this wonderful, heart-opening, shoulder-releasing and back pain-relieving yin/yang yoga class. Sarah-Jane helps you ease into a series of intense yin poses to release the shoulders first, then moves you through a flow that deepens shoulder openers before you lie down to relax in savasana. Note: you need a bolster, pillow or folded blanket for this class.


I keep returning to this
MaidMarian 2 days ago

I keep returning to this class...a lovely release. Thank you.

What a release!
levenez 1 week ago

What a surprise to find elements of my previous Bikram practice - the best ones for releasing / easing my hips / lower back connection.
New to DYWM and the 30-day challenge.
Will look up the other yin and yang class

Fantastic class! New to DYWM
levenez 1 week ago

Fantastic class! New to DYWM and 30-day challenge.
Found elements of my previous Bikram practice - the one that helped release my hip / lower back connection.
What a great surprise!!!
Need to work on my balance though and the first part.
Thank you!!!

Thank you
branwine 1 week ago

I just started the 30 day challenge. I go between beginner and advanced and like both! I am trying to be very mindful and loving to myself and not push it. I had an injury to my arm and had to not do yoga for a few months. Now healed I am finding this 30 day a good way to get back to my practice!

terkalin 2 weeks ago

I have never done a YIN/YANG and oddly had more challenges with the YIN than the YANG. I need to find some sort of alternative for those bent back knees...yipes. But, yes, like you said near the end... my shoulders now feel quite buttery. Thanks for offering this variation.

Thank you thank you thank you!
dtripp 4 weeks ago

Shalom! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
What I needed. Thank you for being here for me.

Yin / Yang rocks!
margotkeyes 1 month ago

Another lovely practice- I am beginning to really like the YIN/YANG practices with deep, long concentrating poses and then invigorating movements with heat. I am so excited that I have kept this up so long!

Just what I needed
Dakota Drummer 1 month ago

The day after a whole day of kettlebell certified training I am a bit tight and sore in the shoulders and upper back. This class really helped me recover and prepare me for a four hour drive home. Beautiful setting.

Mic a little hot on Savasana?

So relaxing
terriblemonde 1 month ago

Thank you for this lovely, melty class. I appreciated the guided talk in shivasana.
(note to future self: next time warm up with a few vinyasanas first, then continue with this.)

Thank you enjoyed the opening
Margarete 1 month ago

Thank you enjoyed the opening of the shoulders. that is where my tension is carried. Great practice. Namaste