Yin/Yang Yoga for the Shoulders and Upper Back

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Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga
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Class Description: 
The yin comes before the yang in this wonderful, heart-opening, shoulder-releasing and back pain-relieving yin/yang yoga class. Sarah-Jane helps you ease into a series of intense yin poses to release the shoulders first, then moves you through a flow that deepens shoulder openers before you lie down to relax in savasana. Note: you need a bolster, pillow or folded blanket for this class.


I thought this was a great
Megan Vass 14 hours ago

I thought this was a great shoulder opener. I enjoy how you could just do the more beginner poses, or you could transition into deeper more intense postures.

Felt more advanced than
AmberLove 4 weeks ago

Felt more advanced than beginner. I did what I could, but most of the postures were beyond me even for the yin portion.

I did this as part of the 30
Astray 1 month ago

I did this as part of the 30-day beginners' challenge. Some poses were very challenging indeed for a 44-year-old man with a number of old sports injuries! In particular the leaning back on one's heels with bent knees - I could not get anywhere near that. A very enjoyable practice, beautifully delivered, but a little ambitious in parts for this novice! Thank you.

It was rough and it didn't
marlowe2k5 2 months ago

It was rough and it didn't feel like beginner. Couldn't move into the poses fast enough and couldn't even do the beginner modifiers. I'll give another try but honestly was the first time I felt frustrated. :-/

To be honest I couldn't get
TriDorisimo 3 months ago

To be honest I couldn't get in to some of the "easy" poses at the start, and holding for so long proved challenging... HOWEVER by the end of it I really got it! Felt quite significant release particularly to my shoulders. I'm definitely going to give it another go for the Yin Yang of it :)

Very challenging!
Basil0623 3 months ago

I found this to be a huge jump in difficulty. Leaning on my feet/ankles (and even the adjustments) was too much for my ankles.

A little more challenging than "beginner"
arystarca 3 months ago

I felt that this class was at a different level than the David's deep shoulder stretch done a couple of days before in the 30-day Yoga Challenge. I might suggest that this be considered more of a challenging beginner rating. I also felt that the speed was a little frantic. :-/

I keep returning to this
MaidMarian 4 months ago

I keep returning to this class...a lovely release. Thank you.

What a release!
levenez 4 months ago

What a surprise to find elements of my previous Bikram practice - the best ones for releasing / easing my hips / lower back connection.
New to DYWM and the 30-day challenge.
Will look up the other yin and yang class

Fantastic class! New to DYWM
levenez 4 months ago

Fantastic class! New to DYWM and 30-day challenge.
Found elements of my previous Bikram practice - the one that helped release my hip / lower back connection.
What a great surprise!!!
Need to work on my balance though and the first part.
Thank you!!!