Yin/Yang Yoga for the Shoulders and Upper Back

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
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The yin comes before the yang in this wonderful, heart-opening, shoulder-releasing and back pain-relieving yin/yang yoga class. Sarah-Jane helps you ease into a series of intense yin poses to release the shoulders first, then moves you through a flow that deepens shoulder openers before you lie down to relax in savasana. Note: you need a bolster, pillow or folded blanket for this class.

Equipment: Bolster
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yin and Yin/Yang Yoga


Sarah Jane Steele 4 years ago

Hello, I just wanted to follow up and see how continuing my class has gone? I'm also curious when someone has something chronic or any kind of Ideopathy. You may also like one of my core classes to assist your balance. I know with spinal curvature core strengthening on the gentler side can facilitate what'a happening on the back body, Thank you for coming to the online class. Please know that it took me 6 months to be able to have any kind of balance or progress in yoga when I first began ten years ago. It comes with time :)

erwilson 4 years ago

Fantastic class! I'm not sure if I have ever felt my shoulders and upper back feel this relaxed. Thanks for the great class.

gomukhasana 4 years ago

Loved it :). Still strugling with the hero pose, but other than that, it was perfect. Namaste

aeryn_knox 4 years ago

I felt this was fairly advanced for a video marked 'beginner'. I found myself modifying most of the poses. That said, this video is exactly what I need. I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and am always tight there. This worked wonders for my upper back pain. Going to do this class regularly until I can keep up!

c.c 4 years ago

I’ve been nursing a mild separated right shoulder for the past 30 days. Last night, I noticed this newest of Sarah Jane’s videos and, without considering my shoulder for a second, I participated fully in the poses from beginning to end. It’s now 2:00pm the following afternoon, and I have just realized that my right shoulder feels completely normal, after experiencing periodic slight pain after shoulder rotation for several weeks. Today, no matter how I rotate my shoulder and arm, I am feeling no pain of any sort. I am so grateful to Sarah Jane! I love everything about every one of her videos.