Yin Yoga for Tight Hips

Nyk Danu
Instructor Nyk Danu
Average: 4.8 (18 votes)
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In this yin yoga class, Nyk guides you in and out of two poses that will help release and open your hips: dragon and swan. Don't worry if the full poses aren't available to you today! Nyk offers plenty of variations to make this practice as accessible as possible.

Equipment: Block, Bolster, Blankets
Style: Yin Yoga


oakhazel 1 month ago

Thank you, I enjoyed this. I did find though that there was too much instruction in the first half which didn't allow me to find the peace in the first pose but in the second half there was more space for peace and instruction. I don't know if I could do the class for a second time for that reason. It would almost be better to have an initial pre-pose longer instructional phase.

katielee23 3 months ago

Thanks so much Nyk! Juuuust what I needed to loosen my super tight hips- I've been missing my yin practice.
I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever class of yours. I'll definitely try and re-visit this once a week.
Thanks you. :-)

tracey.mariette 4 months ago

Thanks, Nyk! This was a short though entirely sweet class, chock full of relief for my oh-so-tight hips. The best part was being able to quickly set up a couple of mats at a friends home, in response to her comment about having really tight hips. Thanks to the miracle of technology, I pulled my fav yin teacher out of my actual pocket and, BOOM, problem solved. Tight hips, no more... :)

myserenityyoganz 4 months ago

this class is great but i just dont like the use of electronic devices during a class, i dont think they are good for the energy in the room....just an opinion though

Dusty Cobwebs 4 months ago

Thank you Nyk. I really love this class and have done it several times. I feel the benefits in my hips and lower back straight away.

Druidcat497 4 months ago

I've been suffering from tight hips (especially the left one) for the past few weeks and this short class really worked. THank you! I also liked the hints Nyk gave for modifying poses.

duroc017 4 months ago

I think this will be my new favorite shorter yin practice after a long day at work. Felt really great after a 14 hour day full of driving and sitting. Thank you!