Yin Yoga for Tight Hips

Nyk Danu
Instructor Nyk Danu
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In this yin yoga class, Nyk guides you in and out of two poses that will help release and open your hips: dragon and swan. Don't worry if the full poses aren't available to you today! Nyk offers plenty of variations to make this practice as accessible as possible.

Equipment: Block, Bolster, Blankets
Style: Yin and Yin/Yang Yoga


Nyk Danu 9 months ago

yes when you are new to Yin that can be confusing. Warming up doesn't affect the fascia and Yin Yoga's super power is Deep Fascia. Also if you are finding the pose intense then you are doing too much!
Sounds like you could be new to Yin Yoga?
I highly reccomend practicing with my Yin Yoga for Beginners video here on Do Yoga With Me. It offers a very detailed explanation of Yin Yoga, how it's differnt and the Yin Yoga Practice Guidelines.

cboshelle 1 year ago

This is a wonderful class to relax hips and lower body. I didn’t even realize how tight I really was until I did this today. Thanks so much for a lovely, gentle class!

missyoga 1 year ago

I loved this class! With all the walking I've been doing, my hips have been tight. This was the perfect antidote!

kcwave03 1 year ago

This was a phenomenal class - so so needed for my tight hips! It's amazing what can be released with even a short yin practice. I will also be pairing this with the shoulder/ neck class. Thank you so much for your presence and all the lovely modifications!