Yin Yoga for an Open Heart

Intermediate I
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In this practice, Nyk guides you through yin yoga poses that open your physical and metaphysical heart, improving not only your posture but also capacity for joy and compassion.


  • Block
  • Bolster
  • Blankets


  • Flexibility


  • Yin and Yin/Yang Yoga
October 21, 2023

I would really love this class, it's just what I needed today. but the volume is so low that I couldn't hear much - had to look at the screen all the time to know what to do. Any chance of getting the volume up a bit?

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Hello! Sometimes this happens when the volume on the player is set too low. There are two volume controls when you are viewing something online. The one on the device you are using and the one in the player itself. I'd suggest taking a look at the player volume settings and see if you can set it to a higher volume (or the device volume if the player is already set to full). I hope this helps!

October 17, 2023

Just what I needed today - so relaxing! I feel completely open and light. The perfect end to the day.

August 22, 2023

This was outstanding. It completely invigorated me (as backends yin or otherwise will). I love floor based restorative work that uses gravity and allows the body to go deeply, safely. Namaste and thank you so much.