A Well-Rounded Challenging Beginner Flow

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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This challenging, beginner yoga class is a wonderfully-balanced hatha flow that stretches and strengthens the whole body, through standing poses, seated stretches, reclining postures and core work. Rachel helps you understand alignment and core activation, emphasizing the proper way to do the poses to obtain the most benefit and to feel rejuvenated and relaxed as you take on your day or prepare to wind down into your evening.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


sng4ever 2 weeks ago

Rachel is such a great yoga teacher. This is a challenging beginner practice and lovely if you have been doing yoga for a while and want to "feel" into poses and refresh what you know/have learned. This practice will make you feel good.

Jaydoesyoga 3 weeks ago

Great instruction, returning to yoga after sometime and this session was a perfect restart

thepariscat 3 months ago

This was a great video to get back into yoga after a hiatus! Like others said, exactly as title describes... a challenging beginner flow! :)

Ode2Books 6 months ago

Rachel you have the best cues! I love your classes, I love how technical you are and explain so well what muscles to activate and which to relax. Thank you for giving options to advance the poses as well. This is a great beginner class with room to advance.

hanagalp 6 months ago

Great class a bit challenging in a good way. Thank you

Paula Mulligan 6 months ago

I really enjoyed this challenging practice which flowed at just the right speed

SarahViolet 6 months ago

I enjoyed the wide variety of poses and the very helpful instructions!

turnersusmc 6 months ago

Fantastic. Have bookmarked this one. So glad I went back to make it up despite having missed a day of the challenge. Rachel offers clear instruction on some basic common poses and a wonderful full-body flow. I particularly liked the back strengthening portion at the end.