A Well-Rounded Challenging Beginner Flow

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Rachel Scott
Hatha Yoga
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This challenging, beginner yoga class is a wonderfully-balanced hatha flow that stretches and strengthens the whole body, through standing poses, seated stretches, reclining postures and core work. Rachel helps you understand alignment and core activation, emphasizing the proper way to do the poses to obtain the most benefit and to feel rejuvenated and relaxed as you take on your day or prepare to wind down into your evening.


Can you provide this video
Rachael Reilly 2 months ago

Can you provide this video with lower setting options for mobile devices please. Thank you!

Video for mobile
David Procyshyn 2 months ago

Hi Rachael. The player is designed to adapt to your device. If it isn't streaming for you you can send a message through our Contact page and tell us what device and browser you are using, if you are a subscriber and if you are logged in when playing the video. Thanks, David

Kicked my ass..
mjt128 3 months ago

.. in a good way. Did it ever. I feel wrung out, especially in the upper arms.

Good Start to My Day
Fred Macaluso 3 months ago

I'm an active 63 year old male. The mornings feel a little stiff and there is always a low back pain. I'm only willing to put in 20 minutes at a time for yoga so I break this video intro three segments. Afterwords my body feels so much more fluid and there's less pressure on my lower back.

Just starting
Sabrina Kane 3 months ago

You might want to try Melissa Krieger's early classes. I started doing her Bend and Stretch/Twist classes after I had major abdominal surgery in 2014. I've gotten to where I can do some intermediate classes on this site but progress takes time. Good luck! Namaste, Sabrina

Really excellent class, one
Rachael Reilly 4 months ago

Really excellent class, one of the best. Thank you!!

Wow. I've been doing yoga for
mkrishock 4 months ago

Wow. I've been doing yoga for about7 months now, I fluctuate between beginner and intermediate. I love Rachel's classes so I thought I'd give this one a try. After the first few minutes, I thought, it was a bit too easy for me, but as it went on, WOW, it just got so much more intense! I loved it! I loved her explanation of the poses. Even though I've been doing these poses for a while, her explanation provided me wiht a much better movement of them, without even having to look up at the screen. Thanks Rachel!

Awesome way to get back into yoga
Amber Rose 5 months ago

I've been practising yoga irregularly for nearly a decade. After a pretty long lapse (almost a year) this was the perfect way to get back into a regular practice. The instruction is lovely as well! Very rewarding class, beginner or not!

What a great class! The
YogaSteffi 5 months ago

What a great class! The perfect way to start the day. Thank you!