A Well-Rounded Challenging Beginner Flow

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Hatha Yoga
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Class Description: 

This challenging, beginner yoga class is a wonderfully-balanced hatha flow that stretches and strengthens the whole body, through standing poses, seated stretches, reclining postures and core work. Rachel helps you understand alignment and core activation, emphasizing the proper way to do the poses to obtain the most benefit and to feel rejuvenated and relaxed as you take on your day or prepare to wind down into your evening.


Great Class
acuddy 1 week ago

I love Rachel's instruction - she guides one so well through the smallest tweak to form or focus, making all the difference to the pose.
Thanks, Rachel for another great class!

Great class
YogiRiss 1 week ago

I am recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery and have been really missing my Yoga practice. This was a great toe back in the water routine. Perfect pace and lots of good quad work that was easily modified

Great way to end the work day!
Loriluv 2 weeks ago

love this class. good flow. no personal mind beliefs. just a clean instruction for the body. Namaste.

I just did Rachel's class. It
car49061 2 weeks ago

I just did Rachel's class. It was terrific! Challenging and very informative. Doing classes without a teacher there to make corrections is a weakness of home practice. However, Rachel's instructions really helped me know my posture was correct.

Terrific class! Very helpful
smancusi 2 weeks ago

Terrific class! Very helpful to break poses down into smaller steps.

Great video. You kicked my
SonoLuminescence 2 weeks ago

Great video. You kicked my lil butt. Love the stretches, very deepening and opening. look forward to more classes by You. Namsate

Exactly as Described
ericgr 2 weeks ago

I am a bit beyond the basic, slow and gentle beginner classes, but not yet at the intermediate level. This really hit that sweet spot of in-between. I hope there are more like it coming! Rachel is an excellent teacher and the class was wonderful. Thanks!

I have taken many yoga
Maddy Lenahan 2 weeks ago

I have taken many yoga classes, but this is the first one that ever made sense of what muscles I was using and what changes I can make to my alignment. Can't wait to follow along to another one of these!

LiturgicalDancer 2 weeks ago

I really enjoyed this practice! I feel looser, relaxed and refreshed! Thank you, Rachel for breaking the movements and postures down for beginners! Loved it!

One of my favorites. Just
dmintho 2 weeks ago

One of my favorites. Just what I needed this morning.