A Well-Rounded Challenging Beginner Flow

A Well-Rounded Challenging Beginner Flow

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Instructor Rachel Scott
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This challenging, beginner yoga class is a wonderfully-balanced hatha flow that stretches and strengthens the whole body, through standing poses, seated stretches, reclining postures and core work. Rachel helps you understand alignment and core activation, emphasizing the proper way to do the poses to obtain the most benefit and to feel rejuvenated and relaxed as you take on your day or prepare to wind down into your evening.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


New favorite class
spaulukonis 2 weeks ago

This *is* challenging for those of us new or returning after some time to yoga. Wonderful series of moving poses; I am looking forward to doing this one regularly and watching my progress.

what a fantastic stretch
Healthy2016 1 month ago

Thank you Rachel! I have done this class before and love it. I have serious issues with pelvis instability, but your instructions are so thorough and so precise that I can do all of this class. I feel every part of my body and feel that I know what I am doing at every moment following your instruction. I have absolutely no pain while I am doing this class. The swimming-like part is really challenging for me but reminds me that I need to never give up. What a blessed class.

Rachel Scott 1 month ago

That is wonderful feedback; I'm happy to hear that this class can be a support in your bodywork and health. XOXO

Great balance for stretch and strengthening
Radlh0 2 months ago

I’m doing the 21 day whole body challenge, but not on a daily basis. I play alot of tennis, and find yoga a great way to stretch and strengthen, normally on days I’m not playing. This class was great, and loved the focus on getting the poses right with what to focus on in each pose. I have lower back issues, but also tight muscles from playing tennis, so I have to be careful to protect my back and find classes that constantly remind you what to do, are very helpful. I have to remind myself this is yoga and not a competition! Love all the glute and core work, and great shoulder stretches too. This class will be added to my regulars! Thank you Rachel.

Rachel Scott 2 months ago

So glad to hear that you found the class was a good match for what your body needs! Happy to play a part in your practice :) And way to go on challenge!

Just what I needed for day 9 :-)
katielee23 3 months ago

Thank you so much, Rachel- this is EXACTLY what I needed for day 9 of this challenge (I'm keeping my own time with this). Being reminded of basic good form is a big help with home pratice. Feeling delightfully stretched, invigorated and awake to go into my day. Namaste. x

Rachel Scott 2 months ago

Hi Katie! I'm so happy to hear that this class felt good - and CONGRATS on day 9!!
Have a great weekend :)

loveyoufiji 4 months ago

One of my favorite classes on doyogawithme -- I have low grade spondylolisthesis and combatting the discomfort takes a pretty constant awareness of my core. Something about Rachel's cues help me remember all of the space and strength around the second and third chakras. The thing about the condition is if I get lazy and stop paying attention to my core -- its hard to get it back sometimes --because the quickest routes to alleviation are not the best. I'll often shift disproportionate weight into one hip or another, or squirm in the sacral area, or lean on my elbows, shoulders at the table.... I'm basically thinking cushions.. beer.. whatever.. just to stop the agitation

anyways. thank you so much Rachel for your compassionate presence! it must be hard knowing what to say, but for me your instruction was perfect!

Rachel Scott 4 months ago

I'm so happy to hear that the instruction has been helpful for you! What you say about compensating makes total sense. It's easy for all of us to check out and fall into our easy habits (beer, cushions ;)). I'm glad the classes are supporting your work with your body; it's great to have you here.

Breath and core
nickos1979 4 months ago

Hi Rachel,

Hey, thanks for being such a fantastic teacher. I really love your classes... I appreciate all the technical adjustments and don't find they interfere with my concentration or the flow of the class... they really add to it. I do have a question about breath... not necessarily for this class but all yoga classes for any teacher. I started David´s core primer and learned about yoga breath and how it´s tied to core strength... very interesting. Any ways I find during yoga classes often I don't know what to do with my breath. I find my own breath goes out of sync with the instruction (not any teacher in particular) and I´d like to know how to lead it myself. Also and completely related I'm not sure when and when not to engage my core. Lifting my pelvic floor, tucking the belly and pressing the shoulder blades from what I've come to understand cause the lungs to expand more... this is what I understand. Do I engage these parts throughout the practice (minus shavasana)? Also sometimes I hear instructors saying draw the breath to the belly but I understood that with the pelvic floor lifted and belly tucked that the air would draw to the chest and ribs and lungs. I´d like to hear what you think about engaging the core and where to send the breath. In any case, love all your beginner classes, as a beginner trending to intermediate they are perfect.

Have a great day!