The Stroppy Shoulder Strap Series

Michelle Rubin
Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
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If you only have 15 min. and need a quick yoga class to loosen your tight shoulders, this is perfect. Michelle moves you quickly through repetitive movements the are designed to heat up the joints, loosen tight muscles and release chronic stiffness.


Great release for my very
Emoir 6 months ago

Great release for my very stiff shoulders, will go back to this frequently. Thank you!

Helpful !
lori onion 11 months ago

Agreed, the beginning explanation a bit long, but the exercises are very practical to integrate with weight lifting.

Good stretches but a long
rachorse 1 year ago

Good stretches but a long introduction.

My shoulders are now less stroppy. Thank you Michelle....
jweaden 1 year ago

great shoulder sequence.

I love this video, weather I
wwjd_chick2004 1 year ago

I love this video, weather I was working a desk job or nursing my twins, I would be hunched over all day, and my upper body would get tight and painful. This video really allowed me to open up my upper body, the moves are simple enough that I would take my resistance band to work, and would stretch out at my work station. Before long, co-workers would come over and ask to borrow my band, and they would stretch out as well.

Go back to this often ... Then follow with mogul muncher
owlglass 2 years ago

I do this frequently to loosen shoulders

Have major injury-related knee problems so do seated on couple blocks add prelude to the also-fantastic mogul muncher

Combined they are 25 minutes of heaven

Thanks Michelle/ 5 star
gingerd1 3 years ago

I'm a senior male who needs to loosen up "big time".
I'm sure that wouldn't be the case if I had stayed with yoga 40 yrs ago.
Unfortunately I turned to sport.
I have chosen this as my "go to" yoga exercise.
My pile of blocks is shrinking as quads and feet lengthen.
Great for upper body - esp. shoulders.
This is a perfect prep to enter the yoga world.
Thanks again Michelle,
Al S.

Perfect for determining week shoulders and strengthening them.
Saue78 3 years ago

I found i have a week left shoulder this series of movements made me focus on that. The stretches were wonderful and the flow was relaxing as well as strengthening. As of today I think I will be implementing this set at least 3 times a week.

Pure Magic
daveofnorway 4 years ago

I use a computer quite abit, do weight training and have a lifting job!
Just recently I had some pain in both my shoulders which I guess was a mix of all 3.
Ive been trying all week to fix it with various other yoga routines and stretches but this actually worked the best! Amazing! Thank you so much!