Strengthen Your Balance

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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If you would like to improve your ability to balance on one foot, you will love this class. Tracey leads you effortlessly through a challenging vinyasa flow that takes you in and out of foot balances in creative ways, making you do what you didn't believe you could before you chose to do this class.


Extra-long savasana
mireaux 2 months ago

Thanks Tracey, my only comment is that the 12 min savasana at the end was a little longer than usual and I was slightly disappointed, since I was anticipating a longer flow. Maybe adding a tag of "extended savasana"?

Just what I needed! I've been
jenna audrey 5 months ago

Just what I needed! I've been doing your classes, Tracey, for a few years now and after doing this class I noticed how significantly my balance has improved. Thank you again for your exceptional classes! You're a remarkable teacher.

I really enjoyed this
Margarete 8 months ago

I really enjoyed this practice. My balance needs this practice. thank you.

video stopped
debbieyanuck 9 months ago

I love this practice, but twice now it has stopped at the 14 minute mark and will not continue...I hope you can fix it as I think this is a great class!

Re: video stopped
David Procyshyn 9 months ago

The best way to deal with this issue is to use a different browser. This solves the problem 99% of the time. You could also pause the video for a few minutes at the beginning to allow it to load before playing it through.

Counter Poses
parkssara 9 months ago

Wonderful flow of balance and counter poses. Great savasana. Thank you.

Thanks for the video, and
samthurmond 1 year ago

Thanks for the video, and videos! I've enjoyed them since the first bite

Awesome - thank you!
erpara 1 year ago

Thank you, Tracey - and namaste

I feel so grounded and stable
Jhoannacarmody 1 year ago

I feel so grounded and stable after this class. What a great sequence! Thank u!

So fun!
SmileMore 1 year ago

Today I decided to try an Advanced class. I've been practicing yoga for many years, but was still intimidated by the thought of an advanced class. Thinking they would be all handstands (wrist issues) or extreme inversions that might my back unhappy afterward. So glad I overcame my fear and judgement and opened up to experience this class. SO FUN! And I just I love Tracey's style: very calming, encouraging, and bright. Many thanks!