Strengthen Your Balance

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 
If you would like to improve your ability to balance on one foot, you will love this class. Tracey leads you effortlessly through a challenging vinyasa flow that takes you in and out of foot balances in creative ways, making you do what you didn't believe you could before you chose to do this class. Note: the savasana in this class is 9 minutes long, which is quite a bit longer than usual for our site.


Another winner from Tracey!
PeacefulRN 1 month ago

Grounding, relaxing, and encouraging practice based around standing balances (tree, eagle, dancer, half-moon). A solid intermediate practice, in my opinion, so don't be put off by the Advanced rating. You can do it! :-) Love Tracey's delivery, pacing, and sequencing. Thank you!

Amazing practice. Love the long meditation at the end.
crepuscule3142 3 months ago

Fantastic advanced class that doesn't require ridiculous gymnastic contortions. The class is advanced due to the balance poses and longer meditation. Would recommend to anyone transitioning from intermediate to advanced. Thanks Tracey!

Denise3 5 months ago

I always come back to Tracey's classes and am never disappointed. Need more of her videos!

Mmmm...juicy and peaceful
theclarityofpeace 6 months ago

Tracey you always have exactly what I need. I wanted to try something new, feeling courageous despite the evening hour and tried this out. This class really challenged me, even the poses I do all the time. Looking forward to doing this again and building my strength. Loved, loved, loved the extended savasana. Another wonderful class; thank you Tracey! Namaste

Ultimate in balance
kstone 7 months ago

The long savasana is the perfect balance to most of our busy lives :)

Extra-long savasana
mireaux 9 months ago

Thanks Tracey, my only comment is that the 12 min savasana at the end was a little longer than usual and I was slightly disappointed, since I was anticipating a longer flow. Maybe adding a tag of "extended savasana"?

12-minute savasana
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

Yes, that's a great comment, thanks. The savasana is unusually long. I'll mention that it the description.

Just what I needed! I've been
jenna audrey 1 year ago

Just what I needed! I've been doing your classes, Tracey, for a few years now and after doing this class I noticed how significantly my balance has improved. Thank you again for your exceptional classes! You're a remarkable teacher.

I really enjoyed this
Margarete 1 year ago

I really enjoyed this practice. My balance needs this practice. thank you.

video stopped
debbieyanuck 1 year ago

I love this practice, but twice now it has stopped at the 14 minute mark and will not continue...I hope you can fix it as I think this is a great class!