Strengthen Your Balance

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
Average: 4.9 (83 votes)
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If you would like to improve your ability to balance on one foot, you will love this class. Tracey leads you effortlessly through a challenging vinyasa flow that takes you in and out of foot balances in creative ways, making you do what you didn't believe you could before you chose to do this class. Note: the savasana in this class is 9 minutes long, which is quite a bit longer than usual for our site.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


ÀfricaRM 4 weeks ago

Thank you for this lovely class. It is very well structured with a beautiful and sweet pace. This allows you to flow calmly, linking balance to breadth and body awareness. No pressure to do things perfectly or "going for the peak pose", which is very good for people who have some balance problems. Thank you again.

ElenaLon 1 month ago

I absolutely loved this class. I will have to work on some of those transitions as I was a wee bit clunky !
Good, clear instructions, and such a good sequence, very satisfying. My favourite Tracey class thus far. Thanks !

Hanasana 4 months ago

I love this class and I would just really recommend it to people that are trying to work on their posture. Tracey doesn't just "teach" balancing - she also guides us through the process of how we stand, or at least how we should stand. Before I started doing yoga regularly, I had (still sometimes do have) a bad habit of leaning into the insides of my feet, bypassing the exact parts (ball of foot, heel and outside of feet) which should be doing the standing :) This class makes you aware of just that!

duroc017 6 months ago

I really love this practice. Tracey gives you time to feel your way into the standing balances, and to note the differences in the body between sides. The long and luxurious savasana feels wonderful as well.

Al-Pal 9 months ago

My first practice through DoYogaWithMe. What a lovely introduction to your site. Thank you Tracey. I feel taller, stronger and more centred. Ready to face this day during Covid in Sydney.

Tracey Noseworthy 8 months ago

Welcome!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice and that you feel taller, stronger and more centred. It certainly helps us stay grounded during these Covid times.

Daniela82 10 months ago

Another great class from Tracey!! Foot balances poses are my absolute favourite (the concept of balancing both sides of the body while finding a mind and body balance is what drew me to yoga in the first place). It has quickly become my favourite class. Thank you so much, Tracey!

sng4ever 11 months ago

What a wonderful practice. Thorough, fluid, challenging, fun, and it will make you feel GREAT!
I love the way Tracey teaches and acts as a guide through the balancing poses.

Kwetick 1 year ago

Loved this practice. The perfect pace and sequence allowed me to create space, strength and length in the areas where I hold tension - my hips and lower back. I will return to this class often. Thank you Tracey :)

lpyles 1 year ago

Ahhhhh love returning to this practice over and over, especially when my hips and lower back feel tight. This practice is perfect!