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Instructor Guy Friswell
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Short on time and space? In this class, you’ll be moving your entire body, leaving you refreshed and centered in just a few minutes. We’ll begin with setting an intention, and then we'll move through joint warm-ups, upper body movements, lower body movements, balancing and a final integration - all while standing.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors


A peaceful reset or wake up
Sarsbar 2 weeks ago

Thank you, Guy! I've missed your classes since leaving Victoria. Wonderful to hear your voice and verbal cues for the motions of this class. Glad to see you at DYWM and hoping to see more classes from you!

PeacefulRN 2 weeks ago

I really enjoyed this teacher's delivery, cues, and energy. I use this as a gentle warm up for a vinyasa practice and it left me feeling open, soft, and focused. I can see myself using this as a stand alone practice to refresh + reset midday. Thanks, Guy!

Glad you enjoyed this
Guy Friswell 2 weeks ago

Glad you enjoyed this practice. I often start my slow flow and vinyasa classes with this or a similar set of warm-ups -- I feel that it gets the entire body ready for practice. Plus it's a bit gentler than jumping right into a bunch of sun salutations! All the best, Guy

Fantastic, essential practice!
margotkeyes 2 weeks ago

Welcome Guy! You are a very beneficial addition to this stellar yoga team! I look forward to practicing more with you. You are charming, funny, and you alter between a full stance in tree and a half stance, and even wobble, to show us you are human like us. :) Your calm voice is heartening to listen to first thing in the morning. Thank you for joining DYWM!
To all, this is a great practice to begin your day, add prior to a longer practice, or to fit into your day anytime, anywhere due to it being largely standing, not requiring a mat or even yoga clothes. I consider myself an Advanced Intermediate and think this is an essential practice to have in my "constantly referred to" list. It helps with alignment, strength, balance and maintaining flexibility as we age. Do it now, young ones, before it is harder to do later! Enjoy this short and sweet, fun practice.

Wow, thanks for your lovely
Guy Friswell 2 weeks ago

Wow, thanks for your lovely review and so glad that you enjoyed the practice. I'm very happy to be part of the DYWM team and looking forward to sharing more classes soon. Keep practicing!

Druidcat497 3 weeks ago

I woke up with a slightly stiff back and this class worked out every kink! Totally bookmarking this!

This is lovely
ruth.joyce 3 weeks ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this. A great way to stretch and warm up just a teensy bit when you're super tight and inflexible early in the morning...or when you're staying in a hotel room the size of a matchbox!!

Very helpful!
Jeneba54 3 weeks ago

I didn't realize how much my Serious Desk Job was hurting my shoulders... This was a wonderful class to bring me back some Awareness in the middle of a nutty day. Thank you!