Snail Pose: Deepening

Satiya Channer
Instructor Satiya Channer
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In the second class in Satiya's two-part series on snail pose, she takes you through a slow flow that gradually deepens, preparing your body carefully and gently to move into the deep backbend that is called snail pose (karnapidasana) in yin yoga. You may just access some deep tension you haven't felt in a while. If you haven't done so already, we recommend that you start with the first class in the series, Snail Pose: Opening, before moving into this one. The first class is especially helpful if snail pose is new for you.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga


Lynwpetty 6 months ago

Such a creative series of asanas. Thank you again, Satya, for a gentle yet challenging class. The challenge for me in a yin class is staying present throughout.

PhoebeL 10 months ago

Satiya is such an interesting teacher - this class was perfect after working nightshift and sleeping in the day - I love the time she takes to ground you in mountain pose so that you feel balanced to be on one foot; and the deep squat which felt different/deeper than ever before. Very slow, deep challenges like goddess and the wide legged bends. I have never felt able to do plow before this, great preparation. Thank you!

pvetsen 1 year ago

Such a great class! I've been practicing consistently with power yoga for years now, and am grateful for a class that can transition me into more yin flows. If you have any desires to make more advanced videos in this style, they would be deeply appreciated!

Thank you for all you do, you're a lovely teacher.

Irishlove 1 year ago

Thank you, Satiya for a really well-balanced yin/yang practice. I really felt the yang element and the opening which prepared me for a full, settled and luxurious karnapidasana. The postures before karnapidasana are perfect. I'm a "wiggler" from way back, and I was able to settle and sink into it. I also appreciated the humour before prasarita padottanasana. Namaste from Ireland.

Zane Black 1 year ago

They don't call it Goddess Pose for nothing. It's hard for a man to do! Haha, I love this series, just the right level of challenge.

Nyamyj 1 year ago

You are amazing. When I saw this was intermediate I was hesitant, but with your complete and calm instruction I was able to do it!!
I don't know if my feet will ever reach the floor, but I sure felt I was deep within the pose. Felt great with a terrific lengthening for my tight neck. Thank you! Keep up these great classes please. Namaste

Melanie Lichtinger 2 years ago

Thank you Satiya, once again,
for the calming, grounding, and deliciously stretching practice! Such good medicine for slowing down and gaining strength from the ground up. Such clear instructions (love your calm voice too) and such good modelling. I hadn't done plow and snail in so long - what a great reminder to come back to the goodness. Will revisit and re-enjoy.

Paulette9 2 years ago

Satya! I love you again!! I have never done snail pose or even heard of it. I love it! Your class is so relaxing and enjoyable on so many many levels. Thank you so much!

Druidcat497 2 years ago

Wow! That was amazing! I didn't even realize I was in full plow until she mentioned that your feet are on the floor and mine were. My back and neck feel so great! Thank you!

acuddy 2 years ago

I've been meaning to try this class for weeks , but didn't realize until today how beneficial it would be for my hips and lower back! With Satiya's calm clear guidance I learned ways to get deeper into poses I've been doing for years. Will come back to this again and again - thank you!!