Snail Pose: Opening

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Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga
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Class Description: 

This is the first of a series of two classes that prepare you for a yin pose called snail, or karnapidasana. It's a yoga posture that requires a significant amount of flexibility in your back, particularly your lower back and neck, so it's important to progress toward it slowly and carefully. This is Satiya's special skill, and you'll find this yin yoga-like class to feel wonderfully delicious, rejuvenating and releasing for many parts of the body.


I wanted to like this...
Megstheyogi 1 day ago

I wanted to like this class as I absolutely love everything else on doyogawithme, and this was part of the intermediate 30 day challenge. Unfortunately, it left me feeling pretty uneven as only the left hip got the benefit of Gomukhasana!

That class was beautiful and
Kitkatkatey 2 weeks ago

That class was beautiful and has left me with a big smile.

Thank you

Great class!
Paulette9 2 weeks ago

Satya I love you!! What an incredibly opening and relaxing class-true Satya style!! What a wonderful gift from you and to myself on this Thanksgiving Day!!

Many thanks for a wonderful
adalexander 4 weeks ago

Many thanks for a wonderful calming stretch. I can feel that I am getting stronger and more limber with every session in this wonderful series. Thanks!

Thank you Satiya. It's
unclejuice19 4 weeks ago

Thank you Satiya. It's amazing to watch you fold like fresh bread. I'm more like toast which doesn't bend so good... But I can still try and I appreciate your encouragement. I just can't imagine the plough or the snail being in my immediate future. (Might be a good video though.)

This class was a practice in
dena.rissman 2 months ago

This class was a practice in patience. I typically like vinyasa classes. It was good for me to slow down and the hip stretches were excellent. Seems like there were a few poses where we only did one side for a long time and neglected the other side. I felt a little uneven. a good challenge nonetheless.

In its simplicity, it was
aicragellebasi 2 months ago

In its simplicity, it was quite a challenging class for me... It seems like my body was not used to work on these parts of my body. I feel like I need to do this class a few times again to get my body use to it. I enjoyed the challenged though. Thanks.

mamacassi 3 months ago

Perfect class. Pacing. Peaceful. Progressive.

Becky in George... 3 months ago

Satiya is such a peaceful soul; calm and soothing. Thank you for this very effective and thoughtful class.

Melekeda 3 months ago

dear satia thank you for this video. i practiced it and immensely waiting for the rest of the practice. can you publish this week?