Snail Pose: Opening

Satiya Channer
Instructor Satiya Channer
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This is the first of a series of two classes that prepare you for a yin pose called snail, or karnapidasana. It's a yoga posture that requires a significant amount of flexibility in your back, particularly your lower back and neck, so it's important to progress toward it slowly and carefully. This is Satiya's special skill, and you'll find this yin yoga-like class to feel wonderfully delicious, rejuvenating and releasing for many parts of the body. It will prepare you for the next class in the series: Snail Pose: Deepening.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga


My back hurt before doing this practice, and I kind of felt stressed. Now I am feeling at ease. Thank you! <3 You are such a wonderful teacher and your voice is really soothing!!!

wendy caroline 1 year ago

Thank you for another lovely class, I am really enjoying the 30 day beginners class. The only problem I have is that I cannot sit cross legged comfortably, I have tried and tried would you suggest I sit on my knees, but if I do this some of the poses tend to end up more like child pose.

CFOWLER13 1 year ago

I still have goose bumps of energy and relaxation pulsing through my body. This was just what I needed after stressfilled day of siting. Lovely calm energy! Thank you.

Van_damsel 1 year ago

I chose this class expecting an easier yoga session, when needing a good release and not really feeling my usual ashtanga flow and instead found a surprisingly challenging and rewarding session! I had always passed by yin yoga sessions thinking they wouldn't add much to my practice but I was clearly mistaken. This class brought my attention to the nervous energy I carry around (probably why I've always favored the faster classes) and the tension that creates. I'm going to start working this and other yin yoga classes into my schedule from now on to create more balance in my flow. Thank you

Nyamyj 1 year ago

Thank you, this really opened my tight hips. Most appreciated. As someone with tight ligaments your words were soothing and encouraging. Felt a difference by the end of class ohysically and emotionally. Namaste Satiya.

Mhare 1 year ago

I know I need to slow down but this was a bit too slow for me. I guess I need to practice patience. I could have cut this practice in half and I might have been happier.

rayann.gordon 1 year ago

Satiya's deep space and way of teaching the breath were such a blessing in getting me back to movement after a bad cold. Thank you so much!

Reineira 1 year ago

I love this class. It took me to unknown areas of my body; wonderful, Namaste!