Slow Flow: Focus on Hips

Guy Friswell
Instructor Guy Friswell
Average: 4.8 (17 votes)
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In this fun hatha flow yoga class, Guy guides you through a series of standing, balancing, seated and reclined poses, before concluding with a blissful relaxation. Learn to build strength and stability in the hips while releasing and relieving any tension across the hip joints. Note: It is recommended that you use a block and a blanket for elevating your hips while sitting, but these props are optional.

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Hatha Yoga, Slow Flow, Yoga for Seniors


MelizPosta 1 month ago

What a great teacher, funny and will definitely be doing this class again.

JMacDee 2 months ago

A very nice class with some good twists. A classic example of "leave them wanting more", I could have done with twice as much time but I'll be back. Guy does return at the end, so enjoy the quiet rest on your mat. Thank you Guy!

lsweets662 3 months ago

Amazing, I've always had tight hips and this really helped a lot!

dlglynn 4 months ago

Really enjoy all your classes. Thank you so much!

alyschlobohm 5 months ago

LOVED this and LOVE your sense of humor!!! I cackled at your merman and baby pose cracks...

Dfauver 5 months ago

Great hip release. And a short class that will become a regular part of my week. Thank you !

Melanie Lichtinger 5 months ago

Great calm(ing) and effective practice on a rainy day.
Thank you Guy! Good to see you again here on screen.
Loved the goat to goddess and deer to mermaid, and all the oh-so-good side and hip flexor stretches. Great balance for my sitting work. And the 'short minute savasana' seemed to stretch into infinity - time from a corpse perspective... Ever so regenerative.
Looking forward to more Yoga with You Guy!