Sink Into Silence Restorative Yoga


restful and refreshing
MariamS 1 month ago

Thanks for this class! I was quite sleepy going into it and thought it being a restorative one it might make me more sleepy. But I actually felt a little refreshed by the time I got off the mat. I like Melissa's gentle and direct instructions.

Error code
Deborah Lilly 7 months ago

There is definitely something strange about this clip. I got this message twice Error Code: PLAYER_ERR_TIMEOUT
Session ID: 2018-04-23:f4ecb92825e4b41ed354abc4 Player Element ID:1. Also this was the second time I loaded the class tonight as the first session froze at 13 mins. That being said its a lovely class when it works (despite having to get up to tweak the computer). I wonder whether other people have had problems? It is strange that there are only two comments under this video. I'd love Melissa to rerecord this one; its perfect after a day's hard work in the garden. Cheers.

Re: Video Error
David Procyshyn 7 months ago

Hi, Deborah Lilly. Sorry about the video issue you've been experiencing. Can you tell me 1) are you a subscriber? and 2) were you logged into your account when you played the video?

lovely meditative practice
Helen Alford 8 months ago

I have done the oceanside practice a lot of times and enjoyed it but this one gives more opportunity for meditation in the long silences. It really helped me to feel rested and get a sense of where I'm at. Lovely class.

Felt like a spa day at home.
Nyamyj 9 months ago

Felt like a spa day at home. Perfect for me after a little too late night out. Thank you.